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Aesthetics of the Future

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As a millennial, I have repeatedly experienced “technology of the future” with the eruption of social media and smart phones happening fairly early in my life. I was there for the rise and fall of Myspace, when iPhone became king, and when beauty tutorials were not a click away but a trial-and-error process that resulted in many unflattering, low-resolution photos.

Today, clients and prospective clients have never been more interested in investing in their well-being, and as a result their appearances, because of the accessibility of education thanks to technology. By taking this concept a step further and moving it inside the treatment room, beauty professionals essentially have their careers on a string.

The first article that delves into this concept is “Upper Hand,” an article

by Sarah Jane McGrath. The pandemic bought on many new ways of life, including the growing popularity of skin care and many hand-held gadgets that can help clients’ skin goals along. While the right at-home device can work wonders, clients may be tempted to waste their time on the latest toy taking over TikTok or Target, so it is important to have the right recommendations ready.

The next article tackles the many specialty equipment possibilities available to spas. Because devices such as full-body LED beds, flotation tanks, and infusion devices require a robust investment, it is in a spa’s best interest to do as much research as possible when considering bringing on specialty services. Get started on this process with the article “Side of Beauty” written by Courtney Sykes.

The closing article for this issue’s theme dives into the topic of low-laser light therapy. Low-laser light therapy devices are also called cold lasers because the power densities produced are low compared to other lasers, such as ablation or surgical. Learn more about these devices that have been used for decades to treat a wide variety of health and skin conditions in Elina Fedotova’s article, “True Color.”

It is getting abundantly clear that technology picks up where the touch of a licensed professional leaves off. Smartphones, televisions, and speakers are well integrated into the lives of many, so why would treatment rooms be any different? And while many amazing client results have been and will continue to be the result of a skilled practitioner’s magic hands, perhaps it is time take advantage of the equipment of the future.

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