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Aesthetics Abroad

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Welcome to summer! Hopefully, the sun is shining wherever subscribers are reading this from, and they are ready for a much-needed trip around the world. Enter DERMASCOPE’s current issue. A little different than our staple editorial issue topics, May is themed around skin care and spa practices around the globe. The beauty industry knows no borders, and as the first trade journal for skin care professionals, it only felt right to give readers a taste of some international spa practices.

The first article in the primary lineup, titled “From Tradition to Trending” was written by the president of Eminence Organic Skin Care and industry icon, Boldijarre Koronczay. A do-not-miss editorial, he dives into the origins of Hungarian spa culture, traditional treatments and ingredients that have transcended the ages, and the modernization of the wellness retreat.

The next article takes readers to East Asia to learn about the fashionable beauty industry of South Korea. Known for their elaborate skin care routines, the Korean influence across the world cannot be ignored. Learn more about which products are musts for clients and how Korean spas differ from those found in the United States in “K-Beauty Unlimited,” an article by CEO of Le Mieux Cosmetics, Janel Luu.

The third primary article comes from DERMASCOPE Ambassador, Kirsten Sheridan, and revolves around all things le français. A world-renowned powerhouse in the industry, traditional French skin care practices have had a resounding influence on beauty practices worldwide. Explore the details of their water-based spa treatments and aesthetic ways in the article, “Rooted Regimens.”

The final article, “Exported Aesthetics,” by veteran aesthetician and massage therapist, Amra Lear, dives into the Moroccan beauty and wellness practices, which had similar Roman influences as that of Hungary but has carved out a unique piece of industry for themselves. Discover the traditional hammam experience and the signature, native ingredients that have become a part of many American household skin care routines.

Although DERMASCOPE is based right outside of Dallas, Texas, our magazine reaches far corners of the globe such as Japan, Australia, and Ireland to name a few. Aesthetics is universal, and when people from different backgrounds and origins come together and learn from each other, it raises the standards of care to heights that were once perceived as unreachable.

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