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An Aesthetician’s Recognition

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With fall trucking along, it is crazy to think the year is almost over. November certainly looks much different than it did last year, but one thing that remains the same is clients and their skin requiring attention and care. While acne, hyperpigmentation, and age management will always be the top three concerns, this issue covers the conditions that skin care professionals may or may not be familiar with, plus a very special holiday guide.

Starting off the lineup is the article entitled, “Urticaria Uncluttered,” by Cali VanAelst. Hives can result from numerous triggers and can sometimes be unpredictable in their variances, appearances, and disappearances. With the many factors playing into this skin condition, learn about triggers, solutions, treatments, and how clients can prevent urticaria in the future.

Another concern affecting many individuals includes psoriasis and eczema. Often confused for one another, there are many differences skin care professionals can look for when assisting clients. Discover what makes these conditions flareup and what clients and professionals can do to combat itchy, red, and dry skin in Linda Kennedy’s article entitled, “The Realm of Redness.”

Continuing in this realm of redness, the third article covers all things dermatitis. From recognizing the different types of dermatitis and helping clients manage their symptoms to the pathophysiology of the condition, get the answers in “Dermatitis Detection,” an article by Janet Dunleavy.

The final article for this issue comes from Saian’s own, Dasha Saian Marchese. Afflicting over 16 million Americans, rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that is triggered by exercise, heat, spicy food, and much more. Explore a rosacea breakdown, its subtypes, and the treatment options in her article entitled, “The Rosacea Report.”

Although the scope of practice for aestheticians is not clearly defined and varies from state to state, it is always the smart choice to know about the skin conditions that can trouble clients. A thorough skin analyzation should always be done (for new and existing clients), and an aesthetician’s recognition of common conditions can make all the difference in the world.

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