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In the world of social media, it seems like it is almost impossible to get away from body talk. From fitness inspiration to fashion trends, the consensus states that skin is in. While of course, body care has its place within the industry, it is often overlooked for the complex nature and popularity of facial treatments. However, ignoring the possibilities of body treatments is robbing clients of self-care opportunities that will upgrade their overall wellbeing. This issue has a fantastic lineup of articles showcasing just a fraction of these possibilities. So, get comfortable, start flipping through the pages, and unlock the potential.

To start the month off, Shannon Esau takes on body acne and the challenges that come with this skin issue. Although most skin care professionals have had their fair share of treating and eliminating facial acne, explore her methods to helping clients achieve clear skin from head to toe in the article entitled, “Fully Flawless.”

For the second subject for this month’s primary education, take a dive into a scientific overview of everyone’s least favorite kind of dimples, cellulite. Cellulite is a cosmetic skin condition that affects the majority of the feminine population. With so many potential candidates for treatment, it is definitely worth investigating the different options available for care. Discover clients’ choices in “Fat or Fiction?” an article by Amanda Azar Walsh.

The body can be afflicted by many imperfections; however, excellent skin care professionals have the solutions for their clients. One common concern includes broken capillaries. Get a better grasp on this topic and how clients can achieve and maintain their results with IPL, electrical cauterization, sclerotherapy, and cryotherapy in Holly Sheppard’s article entitled, “Red Recovery.”

Lastly, with the world of aesthetics booming in every single way imaginable, it is no surprise that vaginal spa treatments are increasingly growing in popularity. What started with the Brazilian in the 90s has now transformed into treatments such as the vagacial, V-steaming, intimate radio frequency, and the O-shot. Catch up on the hottest trends in the spa with “Secret Service,” an article by DERMASCOPE Ambassador, Mary Nielsen.

Body treatments and care have come a long way, and although every spa may not be equipped to add these treatments to their menu, it is always the responsible choice to be an educational powerhouse for clients. Keeping up with trends may take effort but knowing what works and keeps clients happy are what separates the good from the great – and we know our readers are only the greatest.



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