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Saving the Day

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September is here, and with it brings DERMASCOPE’s hyperpigmentation issue. A hot topic in the professional skin care world, hyperpigmentation affects many people of all shapes and sizes, which means treatment plans must be just as diverse. This can be tricky as this condition has a memory of its own, so even when a skin care professional works to diminish a client’s pesky dark spots or pregnancy mask, a few missteps could mean a setback. However, all hope should not be lost because where there is a problem, there is generic, continuing education to save the day, such as this month’s primary lineup.

The treatment of hyperpigmentation is not black and white; therefore, it is important to be flexible with treatment plans. The fact of the matter is, not all clients will comply 100% with their skin care professional’s recommendations. Discover how to build and modify your treatments plans with “Pigmentation Procedure,” an article by 2020’s Cover Contest winner, Rachel File.

Although not every skin care professional will agree, chemical peel series have become a staple in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Peels may be seen as an aggressive approach; however, with the proper protocol, they can work wonders for overly pigmented dark spots and areas. From a scientific breakdown of how excess melanin forms to post-care for newly peeled clients, get the facts with Beatrice Van’s article entitled, “Peeling Practice.”

Melasma can be a difficult condition to manage from the client and practitioner’s standpoint due to its interior influences and presence in the dermal layers. Get a handle on possible triggers, the best topical ingredients, spa treatments, and how to manage melasma in the article entitled “Color Condition,” by Lyn Ross.

While there are many routes to maintaining and keeping hyperpigmentation at bay, Dr. Ben Johnson has a different approach. His philosophy is that age spots may actually be a good thing – protecting a larger, damaged area. Though topical, active ingredients may have their place, they are not the only option when treating clients with hyperpigmentation. Discover Dr. Johnson’s methodology in the article, “Healing Hyperpigmentation.”

Talking with various skin care professionals over the years, it is always astonishing to see their face light up when they talk about the success they have had treating clients with hyperpigmentation because it usually stems from a long, difficult journey with the DERMASCOPE archive by their side. It is an honor to be a part of so many professionals’ achievements, and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  


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