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Digging Deeper

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With the many DERMASCOPE editorial calendars under my belt, it is always exciting to introduce new themes to our readers. While the magazine would be subpar without the staple themes like acne, hyperpigmentation, and hair removal, August is all about the chemistry of skin care. Whether a skin care professional is aware or not, treating skin is a chemical experiment and should be treated as such. Explore this issue and see what you missed in science class.

In the day and age where marketing drives much of the money spent on beauty products such as skin care and makeup, skin care professionals need to be cautious of all that is out there. Product formulation should be the be-all-end-all when it comes to choosing which products will be beneficial to a spa and its clients. Take in all the facts with Gina Marie McGuire’s article entitled, “Scientific Situation.”

In addition to understanding formulation, grasping the concept of nanotechnology within common skin care ingredients is worth exploring. While not every aesthetics practitioner is a chemist, it is important to know how exactly ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and retinol fit into skin. Are there superior molecular weights to ingredients? What exactly does particle size have to do with formulations? Get the answers to these questions and more with “Small by Design,” an article by Gloria Lu and Victoria Fu.

Ingredients are not the only subject under the microscope this issue. Take a scientific tour of the skin types with Breanna Brown’s article, “Chemistry Contrast.” From the skin barrier and pH to the chemical reactions happening with common ingredients and how absorption works, this article will fill any gaps in even the most seasoned skin care professional’s expertise.

Lastly, discover the world of custom blending and all that is has to offer. With existing, established product lines providing incredible results, one might wonder if custom blending is worth the research. Chris Estey is here to set the record straight. Get the pros and cons and the do’s and don’ts of custom blending from his article entitled, “Mixing Madness.”

Skin care professionals obviously know a thing or two about the science of skin care, but this issue is meant to challenge those preconceived notions to dig deeper. We know DERMASCOPE readers are already the most educated practitioners out there, and we are always striving to bring them more. This issue is no exception.

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