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The Best of Both Worlds

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In order to keep up with this industry, aestheticians do not have the luxury to stay in their box of specific expertise. As the profession evolves, so must the practitioners who make it up. Whether you define yourself as a medical or holistic aesthetician, it is important to know all sides of the trade and find a happy middle ground when possible. Take the DERMASCOPE Ambassadorship for example. Because we wanted to represent all aspects of the industry to provide the very best generic education, we made sure to include professionals from every corner of the professional skin care industry. That way, DERMASCOPE’s education is all-inclusive and a blend of both worlds. Be sure to check out all the Ambassadors in this issue’s special section. They are all pretty incredible.

 In addition to the special section, we have a collection of noteworthy holistically medical primary articles, covering everything from psychodermatology and energy healing to the top medical spa treatments and how to holistically modify some of them.

This issue is designed to have something for everyone. Whether a skin care professional is looking to grow more medically by implementing new devices or taking on a whole-person approach by incorporating trendy modalities and treatments, DERMASCOPE has the answers.


I hope this unified aesthetic trend continues because it means that the industry is that much closer to working as one. While there may never be a utopian agreeance of aesthetic practices, an efficient center sounds even better and a lot more interesting.

DERMASCOPE has always prided itself on being the authority of professional skin care, and this issue will continue to solidify that fact. When the editorial team was initially planning this theme, we were so excited for this hybrid issue to come into fruition. Now that it is here, I can honestly say it lived up to the hype.

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