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Aging at Its Core

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Aging! Wrinkles! Fine lines! This concern is surely in the top three that every aesthetician hears when talking to clients about their concerns. And why not? From excessive sun exposure, consumer-grade products, smoking, and environmental pollution, the skin is bombarded in multiple ways every day. This month some of the industry’s leading educators and share their knowledge on antiaging.

The first feature article is entitled, “Ultimate Understanding” by Robert Manzo.  Skin health is often difficult to measure but is determined by continual maintenance and prevention methods. The key to providing optimal skin health is by understanding the anatomy and structure of the skin.

Skin care professionals know hormones can cause an assortment of visible skin issues and aging is not an exception. In Elizabeth Brasher’s article, “Hormonal Aging,” learn how to close the gap in age management by understanding how hormones work, treatment options, alternative therapies, and ingredients to use.

Choosing the right, individualized path to successfully minimize clients’ fine lines and wrinkles can seem overwhelming at times. Read “Triumphing Trio” by Dr. Ahmed Abdullah to discover the three-tiered method to looking ageless: skin evaluation, professional procedures, and at-home skin care.

Finally, Brian Goodwin looks at the aging process of the skin on the body. It is accelerated by many factors; however, by looking at the multifaceted approach to managing the aging body described in his article “Head to Toe,” the best possible result can be achieved. This includes professional products and treatments combined with client homecare for prevention and maintenance.

There is no shortage of wrinkles for professionals to treat. By choosing effective ingredients, quality products, and education you can trust, professionals can be armed with the best of the best in the industry and tackle those never-ending client concerns.

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