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With summer in full swing, skin can change and transform with the season. Acne is a main culprit when it comes to distorting and altering a client’s skin. This month online, discover some of the most common acne myths in Ahmed Abdullah’s latest article. From 2019 ACA winner Brian Goodwin, learn how holistic treatments may be just the thing for a client who has given up hope of clearing their acne woes. Discover how a new innovation in acne treatment comes in the form of hydrotherapy in Cynthia Malcom’s article. Finally, with the many ways to address and handle acneic skin, it comes as no surprise that top experts would want to share their homecare and treatment protocols. In Courtney Sykes’ latest article, go step-by-step through numerous routines that address acne at the core.


Another important area of skin health covered this month comes from some of our other articles on From coverage over the links between obesity and skin health to handling your own PR, these articles discuss a plethora of skin care industry needs that go skin deep. DERMASCOPE strives to share with readers the latest in innovation. This month, we share with you a new acid that is making waves in changing how sensitive skin can utilize chemical exfoliants. Other topics include tough decision making – whether to keep or toss out products – and answering the age-old question of what is truly beneficial to skin. Learn about health challenged skin and how to treat it with care in this month’s online articles.


While you read through this month’s magazine, don’t forget to visit for these important online articles and more. Summer is about relaxation and keeping skin healthy and hydrated through the heat. Here’s to enjoying the rest of summer happy and healthy! Happy reading!

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