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Branching Out: When to Shift Business into Media

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Aestheticians or future aestheticians need to have patience when it comes to transitioning to media. Yes, they should dream big, work hard, and shoot for the stars but do not step out of aesthetician school expecting to own a spa. For example, even though I had my aesthetician license, I accepted a job as a receptionist, so I could learn the ins and outs of how a spa is run. I learned everything from booking appointments, turning over a room, as well as providing customer service. Remember, new skin care professionals must start somewhere, and sometimes, that means taking a job just to get a foot in the door.



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Kasey Boone




Kasey Boone has always had a passion for the beauty industry. After working as an aesthetician in the treatment room for over 14 years, she now has a passion to create fun, versatile tools that can be used in and out of the treatment room. These tools not only enhance client experience, but save aestheticians time, energy, and money. She has not only created these amazingly soft and easy-to-use towels, but also a wildly popular Glow Skincare Cold Roller and Mini Cold Roller. When Boone is not creating skin care tools or treating her clients, she is working with her Beauty Biz BFF, Lorena Ashmore, where they have a fun, unfiltered, and relatable podcast talking all things beauty and business to help uplift the aesthetic community and share their knowledge with beauty professionals all over the world.

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