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Ask Aliesh was born in response to the hundreds of emails and DM's I have received from people stuck in a beauty rut.

As a bit of an empath, I felt their pain. So many people have spent their lives defining their beauty by someone else' standards. They pick apart the same set of features day in and day out, never challenging the beauty rules that have been handed down to them. Far too often the concept of self-care is mistakenly interpreted as some fluffy idea of pampering rather than a basic necessity. Over the years I have even seen my clients struggle with this concept as they become accustomed to celebrity status.

So when I realized there was a platform that would allow me to reach out, I had to heed the call.

Ask Aliesh is my way of sharing three decades of experience as a makeup artist and skin therapist with anyone ready to take ownership of their beauty regimen. It is a space where people from all walks of life can interact with beauty industry professionals who have the right answers. In this private beauty portal I get to share my beliefs about beauty as well as some creative guidance from my friends and mentors.


Aliesh Pierce Cosmetics

Los Angeles, California
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