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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:13

How do you show appreciation to your clients, staff, family, friends... etc.?

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thank-you-ct"It's simple: offering a spoken, face-to-face expression of affection. Nothing means more to people or is positively remembered longer than this. Doesn't cost a thing and yet it seems as rare as a diamond to receive. Give more of this and not only will it improve your professional reputation but it will do a great deal of good in the world overall!"
~ Douglas Preston; Preston Private Label Products

"A simple, yet genuine "thank you" goes a long way. I make sure in this tough economic time to thank my clients for choosing me to do their services. They could get it done somewhere else for less or go to a salon that's closer to them, yet they come to me for a reason. It means a lot to me. I always thank them for helping me grow my business."
~ Nicole Glenn; Tredici Salon

"We send the spa $75 for their birthdays, $40 for Christmas, and the rest of the thank you is given in hand written cards pouring out our hearts and love. We make seaweed soup when they are sick, have had surgery, or just delivered a baby; and for someone who has an unrecoverable sickness we send out inspirational books for healing the soul."
~ Myong Chong; Hanna Isul Med Spa

"Twice a year I say "thank you" to my guests. During my anniversary month, I treat them to a luxurious pump hand wash. During the holidays, a leather wrapped post it note book with "Note to self … you matter" engraved on the front. My philosophy is that a thank you should NEVER be confused with marketing materials (such as calendars, pens, et cetera, with one's business info)."
~ Jeannie M. Bush; Amenity Electrolysis, LLC

"I tell them how much I appreciate them."
~ Eunice Cofie; Nuekie, Inc.

"My favorite way to show my appreciation for both clients and staff is by holding our SweetSoiree parties. It's a great way to involve the sales servicing agents from our manufactures, the staff, and reward our clients for their loyalty to the spa. The red carpet and photo screen are laid out and each person arriving has a red carpet photo moment, making them feel welcome and special. At the party we provide free body sugaring and mud services on our clients and provide a nice cocktail and appetizer layout …. This is a great way to support your community and they are happy to be involved in your local events. The staff loves getting the extra time with clients to make that bond outside the treatment room and enjoy each other's company as friends. That's the bond that keeps clients loyal and feeling appreciated…."
~ Lisanne Wilcox; BodySugaringU by Alexandria Professional

"We give our staff "Bella Bucks"... which are dollar amounts that they can use toward the purchase of any produc in the salon and spa. We also write handwritten notes entitled "A little birdie told me" when a client has gone out of his or her way to praise a staff member."
~ Jen Meier; Bella Capelli Sanctuario

"Our clients accrue service points to spend with local businesses that support our philosophy of greening the environment through recycling and reduced energy consumption with their business practices."
~ Phyllis Wolf; HealingGround, an EcoDestination

"I have found that the best way to show appreciation to all is to just say it. Say "Thank You" and tell them "I appreciate you." After every service I thank my clients, when my staff leaves for the evening, I thank them. A sincere "I appreciate you" can make people stop in their tracks and smile. Genuinely telling someone that they are appreciated goes a very long way and can be rare in our fast paced culture. So when it is said it can really make a difference."
~ Nanette Johansen; Cimarron Hills

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  • Comment Link Melissa Lawrence Thursday, 07 March 2013 09:56 posted by Melissa Lawrence

    I think the best way to show that you appreciate someone is by making them a special treat. Nothing says 'thank you' like a homemade treat. Cupcakes are always a hit! Plus there's very little clean-up.

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