What do you do with products that will not sell?

“I like to donate my unsellable products to a local women's shelter.”
Willie Acklin, owner of Browbeat Beauty, LLC

“I donate products to a shelter for women. Anything is appreciated. Cosmetics or skin care.”
Judie Tuttle, owner of A Face Place

“I like to donate products along with gift certificates to charity auctions.”
Svetlana Sharapova, owner of A-Skin Care Salon

“We try to spotlight the product in hopes of selling. We try to sell or recommend the product. Then, we may provide a discount to at least to move it off the shelves.”
Gregory Coltren, head aesthetician at Syeni Salon & Spa

“We incorporate them into a package with a procedure. To further their experience we always follow up with a call to see how they like the product. It gives us a better understanding of why it did not sell in the first place and an understanding of what our clients are looking for.”
Jill Rinke, aesthetician and owner of R3 Radiant Skin Care

“We give them out as a promotional gift.”
Lynn Nguyen, cosmetology instructor at BL Cosmetology School

“I trade them for products that do sell from the same company which does not happen often or I donate them to a charity event in a basket of beauty with a business card, service menu, and an invitation to come in for a complimentary skin consultation.”
Nancy Russ, paramedical aesthetician at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

“I put them on sale or give them away.”
Sharon Williams, owner of Pristine Clinical Skin Care

“I sell them at a reduced price, but not too low that I cannot recoup a return on my investment. Sometimes, this sparks interest from customers. I also offer the products at a reduced price to the staff. If there is still a lack of interest in the product(s), I may put them in goodie baskets I sell during Christmas.”
Margaret LaPierre, L.M.E. and owner of Skin Therapy of Virginia

“I give them to charity!”
Fran Milburn, owner of Bodyworks Salon & Day Spa

“We usually do a promotion – buy one item, get a special product for 20 percent-off – or sometimes we simply reeducate our aestheticians on how to sell or retail products.”
Zena Azar, Azario Salon and Day Spa

“I will use it as a backbar product. Or, to boost interest, I will use one product to fill 25 sample bottles and give them away as a gift with purchase.”
Paulette Banoza, aesthetician at Efectiv Skin Care Salon

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