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What is the most bizarre thing a client told you they put on their skin in hopes of resolving a problem?

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"Beef Tallow! She used it to moisturize her skin. This poor woman had open comedones all over her face and felt that beef tallow was perfect for her. She was getting married about two weeks after I met her.... She only used natural products and was not interested in anything I had to offer. I felt terrible that she wouldn't let me help her."

Karen Borgfeldt, aesthetician and owner of Hello Beautiful Skin Clinic

"I noticed my client's skin was extremely dehydrated, irritated and cracked; it was in terrible condition. I asked her what she used on her skin and her reply was, since she was a teenager she used Isopropyl Alcohol. Her mother and grandmother used it so she used it as well. She told me she didn't want to breakout or have oily skin! Sometimes we just have to break from tradition."

Karen Terranova, general manager for Great Jones Spa

"This may be hard to believe, but years ago a client told me that she'd scrubbed her face with Ajax scouring powder in the hopes of getting rid of her blackheads."

Kathleen Gaucher, owner of Kathleen's Skincare & Massage

"My client scrapes her face with her nails to exfoliate."

Linda Ruberto, aesthetician and owner of Star Brows

"Kerosene. Yes the same one that is also used for jet fuel, heating, cooking and lighting. And according to her, it cured her eczema!"

Maria Powell, aesthetician with Effective Skin Solutions

"My client used Comet household cleanser mixed with Clorox bleach in hopes of lightening her teeth and getting rid of dirty knees. She explained this was at the age of fourteen. Now at age fifty, she has false teeth and very clean knees."

Lisa Barnes, laser technician with CMSMG

"In 2006, a client told me that she watched a national morning TV show segment on hydrating the skin with items in the refrigerator. Taking a raw egg, mayonnaise, an avocado and bacon fat she placed them in her blender for a few moments. Then, she spread the concoction all over her face and covered it with plastic wrap, leaving her nose and mouth uncovered. She slept with it on only to awaken with her face full of bumps and, even sadder, a swarm of ants all over her too. It took three treatments to get her face back to normal. She's never done anything like that again!"

Shelley Hess, holistic aesthetician and owner of Facemaker Enterprises

"Mayonnaise because her skin was so dry! Ew!"

Cicely Copia, aesthetician for The Islands MedSpa

"The most bizarre thing I was told by a client was that she used to use a nail file to slough off dry irritated skin! I was mortified and put a stop to that right away."

Kathleen Bagatelos, licensed aesthetician for Ooh La La

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