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What is your most memorable client experience?

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“Providing service to a client who had lost her husband. I attended the funeral and told her parents to send her to me when she was ready. On her first visit back, she stood in my office door in tears and said she was not having a good day. I put my arms around her and told her she was with friends. I gathered her in my arms and let her cry. I then gave her a treatment of healing and nurturing. When the session was over, I told her there was no charge. I told her she needed the treatment, she needed me and I was happy to be there for her.”

Margaret LaPierre, owner and licensed master aesthetician at Skin Therapy of Virginia

“A long-time client of mine asked me to help a friend of hers that was currently going through a really bad divorce. On the actual day of her treatment, she came in very shocked and overwhelmed because what had originally started out as meeting a friend for lunch was now a trip to the spa. After introductions were made, we got down to business discussing what we were going to do. First, her friend wanted her to relax so she started with a massage. Then, she spent some time with one of our hairstylist who ended up cutting her long hair into a very chic chin-length bob and coloring her hair, which was 50 percent grey, to a rich, chocolate brown color. Next, I spent over an hour with her giving her a facial treatment to help relax, revitalize and renew her skin and her spirit. By the end of all of her treatments, she looked 10 years younger! That day helped me realize just how much I love my career!”

Samantha Dench, licensed aesthetician at Enchanted Forrest Spa & Salon

“Shortly after beginning to practice aesthetics, I treated a client who failed to mention a product she used to treat her skin on a daily basis. Once I spent a couple of moments reviewing her intake form, I gathered the products I would use for her facial and got to work. The next day, she called me extremely upset and in a panic because her face was red and swollen. In a calm voice (although I was freaking out on the inside), I asked her to come to the spa immediately. After looking at her face, I asked her what her daily routine was. During her description, she mentioned using a cleanser that was prescribed to her by a dermatologist, a cleanser not included on her intake form, and a product which happened to have a negative response when mixed with one of the products I used for her treatment. Although I ended up not being wholly responsible, I now make it a point to verbally question my clients about their daily skin care routine before I start a treatment!”

Betty Torres, licensed aesthetician at The Style Chic Spa

“A new electrolysis client presented with heavy facial hair, very irregular periods, overweight, and had been trying to get pregnant for years. I referred her to an endocrinologist and she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. With proper medical care, she became pregnant; with electrolysis, we got rid of the beard before she gave birth to a healthy little girl. This client often says she gives me credit for her first-born, since I was the first person to say ‘Something’s wrong here’ and led her to seek answers. What a great feeling to help people each and every day, one hair at a time!”

Jeannie M. Bush, owner of Amenity Electrolysis, LLC

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