How do you get yourself out of a rut when you have become discouraged in your career?

“I get myself out of a rut by treating myself to a day at the spa! I get a body detox treatment, manicure and pedicure, followed by a facial of course, and any waxing I may need.
Treating myself reminds me what a wonderful business I’m in.
I feel amazing after and this is what motivates me to reach out to clients I have not seen in a while. It works like a charm!”
Victoria Caruso, aesthetician at Skincare By Vicki

“I read through a trade magazine which helps to inspire me.”
Samantha Dench, licensed aesthetician, electrologist and owner of Skin Deep

“I do a lot of networking. I talk to others in the industry that are successful and if they are open to it, which they normally are, I pick their brain to try to get new ideas.
I seem to get discouraged mostly when I’m not keeping up with all the newest and greatest products and technology.
Therefore, talking to others in the industry, reading, and keeping up on the latest trends helps to add new and fresh ideas.
That seems to get me out of my rut; I get excited again about all the new information and trying out new products.
It takes work to keep up, but that is what keeps me going and makes it an even more exciting field to have the pleasure of working in.”

Stacey Buoy, aesthetician

“It may sound corny, but reading about the salons and spas that are highlighted in trade magazines inspires me.
Even the tiniest tip that I read can get my thoughts going about my small skin care business.
When I read about their challenges, they often give me the perspective that my issues seem more manageable.”

Shelley Hess, holistic aesthetician with Facemaker Enterprises

“I think if you’re really passionate about what you do, like being in the aesthetics field, you’ll be less likely to get into a rut.
However, if it happens, seek training in additional services, go to networking events, and attend product training events for fresh ideas.
You will always walk away with pearls of wisdom that will refresh your outlook on your career.
After all, we have the honor of making people look and feel their very best... so how can you get discouraged?”
Janet Kane, licensed aesthetician with Conroe Aesthetics & Wellness

“I look for ways where I can use all of the knowledge I have gained.
I’ve done this first by becoming a product manufacturer, second by becoming an instructor, third by presenting online webinars on various aspects of skin care, and fourth by becoming a presenter at a skin care conference.
Now I am always looking at other areas where I can be a mentor to future aestheticians and maybe even write a book.”
Margaret LaPierre, certified aromatherapist and owner of Skin Therapy of Virginia

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