What courses would you like to see taught for advanced education in skin care?


"Aestheticians traditionally don't know how to sale home products, makeup and additional services, such as hand treatments, design eyebrows, eye treatment (during a facial), and other short and easy treatments. To me that is the most important classes they should take – skin care sales and makeup application and sales."
Ileana C. Irvine, founder of Ileana Irvine Skin Care


"In the words of so many experts... aestheticians are very service-oriented and are usually very good in educating their clients. What we lack is the marketing know how to build our businesses into very successful and profitable studios, spas and salons. I would like to see more marketing webinars offered."
Franciska Fokkinga, owner at Franciska's Facial Studio

"I would enjoy attending a courses on menopausal/post-hysterectomy skin; estrogen changes; winter skin for oily/combo skin; cystic acne compared to regular acne treatments. Is it best to do a peel or lay off for a while?"
Susanne Kort, owner of Spa Chic

"Most common skin conditions and the best way to treat them, for example: Sebaceous Hyperplasia."
Carolyn Hall, owner of Carolyn's Aesthetics at Figaro's

"First, I'd like a course on how to improve skin care through lifestyle changes – by managing food, sleep, stress, et cetera. Second, the role of stem cells in skin care and other innovations are topics I'm also interested in."
Bikram Sapra, partner at NEW KAYA SALON

"Microcurrent technology; galvanic; high frequency; light therapy; things that aestheticians, working without a medical license, are using in treatments and sending home with clients to use daily. More and more products are coming out for home use that before could only be used by professionals. I would love to see how these items can be used and marketed both professionally and for home use to boost results and sales."
Laura Gregg, owner/aesthetician at LG Health n Beauty

"I would love to learn more about essential oils and herbs for skin treatments; especially about contraindications. More and more people prefer to buy natural, organic products, and manufacturers have picked up on this idea. There's a lot of 'natural' product on the market and advertisements on how to treat the body and skin naturally with oils and herbs. But, people don't realize how harmful oils and herbs can be if you don't know how to use them properly."
Natalya Babadzhanova with Salon Natalya

“I believe that knowing the chemistry of the ingredients we use is a vital part of our continuing education, as well as knowing how those ingredients affect the skin and body. Keeping current with the latest trends and/or treatments keeps us viable in the skin care industry.”
Linda Johnson, owner/aesthetician at Natural Radiance Skin Care

“I think a course on nutrition for the skin, from the inside out. If you notice a person who eats a lot of sugar in their diet, you will notice skin that is sagging, pale and has no healthy glow or shine. Eating the right foods and including nutritional supplements can help the skin stay firm, create a healthy glow, and look youthful.”
Brenda Henry with BGHenry & Associates

“I’d like to learn more about ingredients and the science behind them and how they work for the skin.”
Kirsten parks, aesthetician at Egea Spa


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  • Comment Link Deni Dale Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:54 posted by Deni Dale

    I would like to see more classes on overall health of the body on a daily basis - a daily routine of success. We are bombarded with products to use and try this and try that but I think I would like to get back to the basics on everyday living a healthy lifestyle.

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