“What is your most profitable add-on treatment and how do you sell it?”

“An aromatherapy foot massage does the trick for my clients. They always seem more relaxed after the treatment and ask for it again when they return. I only charge $10… An easy upgrade for my clients!”
Patricia Phong, manager at Great Skin Spa and Skin Care

“While the mask is on, I use those 10 extra minutes for my add-on treatments. I start by lightly massaging both hands with an exfoliant or gommage. And dipping their hands in paraffin is fast and easy! I can wrap their hands in saran wrap and let it sit during their requested treatment. I normally charge $12.”
Christian Burton, aesthetician at M Spa

“I use a before and after photograph to show my clients the amazing results I get with Galvanic current when added to a regular facial. They love the way their skin looks and feels after a treatment – and it is my best selling service.”
Carrie Lorrain, aesthetician at
Natural Healing Day Spa

“Scalp massage is the perfect add-on. I give my clients a little extra time on their scalp while their facial product is sitting. I include aromatherapy oils and sometimes it puts my clients to sleep!”
Laura House, aesthetician at
The Pamper House

“I will evaluate the skin prior to beginning a corrective facial or peel treatment. If the décolleté has sun damage, I will suggest including the décolleté in the treatment so the chest area looks as great as the face and neck. Upcharge is $20.”
Deborah Frazier, owner of Aloha Healing Spa

“I always sell a treatment to remove minor skin irregularities. We strive for perfection and when people have something that can be removed without down time, stitches or scars – at an affordable cost – they want to do that treatment. Something as small as cherry angiomas, skin tags, cholesterol deposits and common moles can be removed with high frequency quickly and affordably. The results are fantastic and they are pleased when they see the results!”
Ellen Delaney, owner of A New Spirit Aesthetics

“Eyebrow shaping! I just ask at the beginning of the facial if they need any waxing done today.”
Tiffany Blakney, aesthetician at
Polished Spa

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