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What tips do you have for keeping up-to-date in our industry?

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"Learn the business, work in the business. Keep up with continuing education. Listen to client’s wants and needs. And read DERMASCOPE!"
Sharon Rebar, owner of Salon RX


"Attend as many classes and webinars as you can. There’s always something new to learn. I’m an education junkie and it not only keeps me up-to-date, it keeps me excited and that enthusiasm is felt by my clients."
Lisa Oquendo-Wantuck, owner of StraightUPMakeUP


"Make sure you are in compliance with ALL licensing requirements. There are too many people who work from their homes without the proper state and city licenses or permits. These practices are illegal, unprofessional and unethical. People who work under the table are taking away from professionals who work hard and spend the money to run their establishments according to the laws. We chose this profession for more than just making a living. We do this job out of passion to make a difference in people’s lives. Health, well-being and safety should be our first priority."
Juliette Zweig, owner of Aesthetics by Juliette


"Be the customer. I like to go for a treatment at a local competitor or while I’m on vacation to see how I can improve and try new things."
Tracie Butler, Aesthetician and Massage Therapist at Designer’s Edge


"Read. Stay informed of laws governing the industry. Attend seminars, webinars and tradeshows to learn new skills or to become acquainted with new products and companies. Study ingredients. Give and receive treatments from other aestheticians and massage therapists. Keep challenging and testing yourself."
Louanne James, Aesthetician at Massage Envy Spa


"Get very friendly with research on your computer and or iPad - keep it handy for further explanations as they come to mind. Get on pertinent industry outbound correspondence so during breaks, you can browse your incoming e-mails and bookmark relevant articles. Form or join groups in your area of like-minded aestheticians to discuss best practices."
Amelia Colee, owner of The Hummingbird Spa


"I have found that there are many ways to stay up to date. Internet, spa and professional magazines, even the [consumer] beauty magazines supply some information. Nutrition magazines are great too! Nutrition plays a huge part in skin care and we should know a little about it to encourage our clients with good habits."
Gregory Coltren, ead Aesthetician at Syeni Salon & Spa


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  • Comment Link Tonya Lariviere Friday, 12 April 2013 19:45 posted by Tonya Lariviere

    Education and keeping up with all the latest in the skin care line. Learning how to use the products more effectively, and create a trust with the clients, so that if their needs change we can be there with answers.

  • Comment Link Shelley Hess Friday, 04 January 2013 11:55 posted by Shelley Hess

    By attending your trade shows every year.

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