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While analyzing a client's skin, you discover they have a severe skin condition ... how do you break the news?"

CT-11.12“Aestheticians are not supposed to diagnose. If I see that a client has a severe skin conditions, I may ask questions about what they may be experiencing and for how long. I would let my client know that I see something questionable that I feel should be looked at by a specialist (dermatologist or plastic surgeon). I would even be willing to speak with the specialist, if necessary. I would stress, tactfully of course, that they see their specialist as soon as possible.”
~ Margaret LaPierre; licensed master aesthetician/owner; Skin Therapy of Virginia

“I would tell the client gently that they have a severe condition. Then, I would discuss the possible treatments for said condition. If the condition is one that can't be treated by me, I would refer the client to a trusted dermatologist and follow-up to make sure my client is comfortable.”
~ Juliet Thompson; managing director/aesthetician; MJ Body Concept Spa

“I would ask them again if they had any skin conditions that I should be aware of. Since sometimes clients are afraid of disclosing medical concerns. Then I would advise my client that even though I am not a medical professional, I believe that they should make an appointment with their physician due to the skin condition that I have noted.”
~ Shannon Pucella; aesthetician; The Spa at Yellow Creek

“As a skin care professional we have an obligation to let people know what is going on with their skin and educate them on the skin and skin health. For me it is about educating them on the condition so it becomes something they can understand and overcome. After educating them I would suggest they follow up with a dermatologist/doctor. I have actually done this before on a client and the issue discussed with her was carcinoma. She came back and thanked me profusely because even though she had some cancerous lesions removed before no one ever gave her information on different skin cancers. The spot we discussed was not like her previous spots because it was melanoma. She talked with her doctor, had it removed, and was fine. Information empowers people to take action and control of their own health and well-being and as skin care professional, I feel that is our job.”
~ Nanette Johansen; spa manager/aesthetician; Cimarron Spa

“I would be sure not to alarm the client. They trust me and my judgment. If it was a condition I could not resolve, I would suggest a dermatologist so they could have it resolved as soon as possible.”
~ Suzanne Daly; aesthetician; The Whole You Spa

“When you are dealing with your client's health and well-being it is best to keep your comments to the point and offer simple solutions. If you remain calm and compassionate then your client will pick up on that and usually follow suit…”
~ Patricia Martorana; assistant director of education; Dermastart, Inc.

“Education is the key to understanding the skin. Explaining the why's and how's of a specific skin condition and how it can manifest helps the client cope with the reality of his/her case. This facilitates understanding when a course of treatments is needed.”
~ Desiree Cromwell; owner; Evolve 108

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