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What are some of your natural skin care remedies?

“Lemon juice or egg white for acne.” 
~ Marie Carroll

“Epsom salts, almond oil, and lavender essential oil-salt scrub.”
~ April Mae Monterrosa

“One of my favorite natural skin care routines is a lip scrub. I mix together one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of baking soda, until it makes a paste. I then apply the paste to my lips and let it sit for a couple of minutes; gently rub lips. Once I feel like it has been long enough, I wash it off with warm water. After my lips are dry, I apply a small amount of olive oil to hydrate my lips.”
~ Liz Mitchell

“100 percent pure argan oil.”
~ Rasa Ru

“Witch hazel clears the pores and prevents breakouts!”
~ Melissa Gonzalez

“After working long hours, helping other people look beautiful, I oftentimes find myself staring at dark circles under my own eyes. As a young girl I always thought it was strange when I saw my mom or grandmother placing cucumbers over their eyes. Now I understand why they did it. Cucumbers provide a cooling and soothing relief, both mentally and physically. Plus, they help reduce inflammation and swelling around tired eyes.”
~ Tara Eisley

“Apple Cider Vinegar – I mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with an eighth of a cup of water. Using cotton balls, I dab my washed face with this solution (about two times a day). It helps dissolve oil buildup which helps stop breakouts.”
~ Kimberley Foster


“I use baking soda on ingrown hairs, oily/clogged pores and as a deep cleanser for my scalp.”
~ Lora Condon

“I carry a facial mist with me that I make at home. I love green tea, so as I make tea for my family to drink I set aside eight ounces. After it has cooled, I stir in three to five drops of lavender essential oil and then three to five drops of aloe vera gel, and stir. Then, I pour it into a spray bottle and place it into my refrigerator.”
~ Carol Beaumont

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