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Incorporating a Teen Menu in the Spa

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Incorporating a teenage menu in the spa is a great way to add clientele. While the parents, grandparents, and other family members are receiving their services, their accompanied teenager will be able to receive a service as well. This opportunity is a wonderful way to expose the teenager during their pubescent state to the importance of proper care for their body and skin. Along with educating the teenage client through the actions of their treatments, the establishment is adding revenue to the books.

Creating a teenage menu should be designed to the needs of teenagers. From 12 to 19, the menu should be directed to the pressures and hormonal changes teenagers experience. The menu should also create specific treatments for specific genders. Being able to differentiate between a treatment for a young man or woman will lessen anxiety for the teenager receiving the treatment. The durations of the treatments should begin with a maximum of 15 minutes for two reasons: some teenagers are involved in extracurricular activities and are unable to expend extra time and some teenagers may be too restless to sit for a longer period of time. Taking these factors into consideration, a great menu can be developed for teenagers.

Pre-teens, who are about 12 years old, are at the introductory age. At this age, there may be a few pimples appearing on the skin, but it is usually not anything to be too concerned about unless they happen to be hitting puberty. Start pre-teenagers with an express facial that lasts 15 minutes and is $25. It can be named it the Pre-Teen Express Facial and should involve a double cleanse, exfoliation, toner, and moisturizer. Products that should be used and offered for retail sale should be simplistic: a cleanser and a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 35, preferably with a physical sunscreen ingredient, such as titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.

Another treatment that could be offered on the menu for pre-teenagers is a hand and foot treatment. With this treatment, they are slowly introduced to bodywork and are able to experience a small form of massage. This treatment should be specific to each gender: The Young Man's Pre-Teen 15-minute Hand and/or Foot Treatment and The Young Woman's Pre-Teen 15-minute Hand and/or Foot Treatment. The treatment can work the hands for $10, feet for $10, or both for $20.

Add-on options can include a cooling element for men, which would cost five dollars per hand and foot and is included within the 15 minutes, and a softening treatment for women, which would also be five dollars for each hand and foot and included within the 15 minutes. An additional add-on would be $10 for an additional 15 minutes and an aromatherapy scent for an additional two dollars.

The pre-teenager treatments are the orientation to teenager treatments; they create the core of services for the teenage treatments to build upon. The Pre-Teen Express Facial is a basic, fundamental service for a proper skin care regimen. A facial for teenagers graduates from 15 minutes and four steps to 30 minutes with a five-to-six step process and goes all the way up to 50 minutes with a six-to-seven step process. With each time increase, an additional step is added and there is room for add-ons.

In the 30-minute facial, which can be called the Mini-Teen Facial, the skin is double-cleansed and exfoliated and extractions are performed if needed or wanted.

The skin is then toned and a mask and moisturizer are applied. The extra steps are the extractions and the mask. Extractions should only be performed if the skin needs to be extracted and the teenager wants the extractions. While the mask is resting on the skin, a hand massage is performed. The cost of the Mini-Teen Facial should be $45. While the mask is resting on the skin, a scalp treatment add-on that soothes head tension could be performed for an additional five dollars. The product used to massage the scalp could be a hair oil or a leave-in cooling hair mask.

The 50-minute facial, named the Teen Facial, has one more step than the 30-minute Mini-Teen Facial and allows more room for add-ons. In the Teen Facial, the skin is double-cleansed, exfoliated, extracted, toned, massaged, masked, and moisturized. The additional step is the massage. The massage can be performed before or after the mask, depending on the products used. Within this 50-minute facial, a scalp treatment can be added for five dollars more, a lip treatment can be added for an additional five dollars, blue light or red light LED can be added for an additional $10, and a paraffin hand treatment can be added for $10. More than one, if not all of these add-ons could be added into the Teen Facial to enhance the treatment. The cost for the 50-minute Teen Facial should be $60.

The Teen Facials go great with massages. The pre-teenage treatments waded into the shallow end of the services with the hand and foot treatments, but now teenage clients can swim farther with the teenage massage options. As teenagers hit puberty and start transforming into their adult form, their body suffers many aches and pains. Bones are growing and muscles are lengthening and teenagers are expected to adapt and perform sports and other vigorous activities with their ever-changing body. Massages will help to ease the wear and tear of their growing and overworked body, allowing them to recover better and perform at their best potential. Incorporating targeted massages for the teenagers is the best way to sell the treatment.

As with the facials, the teenage massage treatments will be 20 minutes and 50 minutes. The 20-minute massage can be a targeted treatment, such as arms, back, legs, neck, and shoulders. The 20-minute massage is great for those who have a hard time laying still for long periods of time and for those who only want a specific area massaged. The 20-minute massage should be $20. The 50-minute massage should spend more time on a sore area and incorporate the head, neck, and shoulders for the price of $45. Any massage can add aromatherapy for an additional two dollars.

Part of creating a teenage menu is coming up with the treatments that will be offered, the other part is coming up creative names that will capture the teenager's attention. It is important to be relatable to a teenager; let the menu speak to the teenager. Once the basic treatments are lined up, such as the Mini-Teen Facial, the Teen Facial, the 20-minute Massage, the 50-minute Massage, more specific treatments can be offered without changing the time; the professional only needs to change the products and give the treatment a name that will sell.

For example, change the products of the Mini-Teen Facial to products that treat acne and name it the Acne Attack. Name another treatment the Selfie Glow and use products that leave the skin with a nice camera-ready glow. For the longer 50-minute facials, one could be named the Romeo Facial and the other the Juliet Facial, catering to specific genders; use products with less fragrance for the Romeo Facial. Create a facial where red and blue LED lights are incorporated in the price and call it the Electric Light Facial.

Naming massages are just as important as naming the facials. For the 20-minute massage, which focuses on targeted areas, a variety of names could be used, such as Tennis Elbow, focusing on the forearms, arms, and hands; Speed Bump, focusing on the knots on the back; and Uh-Oh Booboo, focusing on the teenager's targeted body part choice. For the 50-minute massage, some of the names could be Anti-Bully Massage, focusing on the area of pain that just will not go away; Exam Cram, massaging the head, neck, back, and shoulders; and Game Day Massage, massaging legs, back, and scalp. These examples are just a few ways names can be used to speak to a teenager on a menu.

Other ways to cater to teenagers is to create a "What's Trending" section for the seasonal services, use emojis to rate their experience, send text messages for appointment reminders, and use products that are inexpensive and effective.

Incorporating a teenage menu needs to be fun, simplistic, affordable, and hip. Teenagers are walking and talking billboards; with one tweet or selfie posted on Instagram after a Selfie Glow Facial, the spa will be able to be appreciate incorporating a teenage menu into their establishment.

Amra-LearAmra Lear is a licensed massage therapist and aesthetician. She has been working in the spa industry for 16 years, working for two of the most prestigious spas in the world. Her clientele consists of the stars, moguls, and people alike. She has been trained by Japanese shiatsu masters and the founders who pioneered such wonderful modalities such as ashiatsu, mother massage, and lulur. Skin is her ultimate passionate. She has dedicated the last six years to research and education of biochemistry to better understand the biochemical response to products used on the skin.


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