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Back to School.

Considerations for keeping skin healthy under a mask
As our children head back to school, wearing a facial covering or mask has been touted as one way to combat the spread of COVID-19. Long term we now know, this can produce some undesirable symptoms on the skin that Health Professionals everywhere are now talking about.

What are the concerns? The new term for our concern is "Maskne".

What is Maskne?
Moisture and vapor, as well as any secretions such as saliva and mucus, are trapped in the mask. This can act as an irritant, upsetting the natural balance of the skin around the mouth. It manifests as rashes, redness, irritation and scaling around the mouth. Often it can be accompanied by clusters of tiny pimples or papules. The experts in the medical world are recommending a couple simple tips that are related to their own experiences of wearing a mask all day.

STEP 1: Give the skin a light cleanse with the Teen-Skin Actives Clearing Skin Wash. Dr. Kassouf recommends a good foaming cleanser to keep your skin clear and calm.

STEP 2: You might then assume that wearing a cream or lotion, light-weight make-up (for older students) or sunscreen can make the situation worse. Dr. Kassouf states that:

“ lotion, topical treatments or moisturisers and sunscreen can help calm and balance our
normal skin flora”.

Apply a suitable lotion or cream in the morning such as the Teen-Skin Actives Clearing Skin Lotion or our Anti-Shine Skin Balm before heading out the door to protect your skin from the bacteria that builds up under the mask causing breakouts and irritation.

STEP 3: At the end of the school day use your cleanser to clean your skin of bacteria that has built up during the day.

STEP 4: If age appropriate, exfoliate with our Teen-Skin Active Clearing Skin Scrub, weekly.
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