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Unique Breast Cancer Organizations

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While a number of organizations around the world are contributing to the fight against breast cancer, these five organizations offer unique and memorable contributions to the cause. From fly fishing to bridal gown donations, these non-profits are not just working to find a cure, but also aim to serve people affected by breast cancer, easing their mental and emotional pain. If you are interested in donating yourself, visit a website or call a number below for more information.

My Hope Chest is a breast-reconstruction organization that strives to fund reconstructive surgeries for survivors without health insurance or survivors who are underinsured. They continue to focus on the backend of treatment and work to keep survivors from falling through the cracks.
“We speak to hundreds of survivors struggling every day to live beyond the disease. These cancer warriors, working or single mothers, tell us that they feel less than whole and cannot get past their cancer experience, as they are reminded every day when they look in the mirror of their agonizing choice to sacrifice one or both breasts in exchange for their life.” – Alisa Savoretti, founder of My Hope Chest. 727-488-0320 or

Brides Against Breast Cancer helps raise money through the selling of bridal gowns. They sell all brands of new and gently-worn wedding gowns, in all shapes and styles, on their Nationwide Tour of Gowns. Seventy-eight cents of every dollar goes to fund-free programming for cancer patients and their families through
“What makes us unique is the amount of money that goes back to our mission. We do as much as possible to ensure that each bride gets a fantastic experience with the bridal expositions that we take around and that as much money as possible goes back to the mission, because that is what it is really about.” – Mya Widmeyer, Brides Against Breast Cancer.
877-721-4673 or

Casting for Recovery provides free fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for these women through a unique program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic sport of fly fishing.
“Our different approach to healing is what makes us unique. We introduce women to outdoor experiences, mainly fly fishing, and give them a chance to connect with nature and other women. They are drawn to the program because it is a different approach as opposed to a more traditional choice.” – Whitney Milhoan, Casting for Recovery. 888-553-3500 or

Young Survival Coalition is a non-profit organization that offers a number of programs that seek to connect, educate, and support young women affected by breast cancer. They also work with and assist researchers who conduct studies that fall within their research priorities. The Young Survival Coalition raises money through various events, including an annual, three-day charity bike ride, Tour de Pink, and their annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game.
“Young Survival Coalition is dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Young Survival Coalition offers resources, connections, and outreach so women feel supported, empowered, and hopeful.” – Jennifer Merschdorf, CEO of Young Survival Coalition. 877-972-1011 or

The Rose is the first non-profit, breast cancer organization that is based on the insured covering the costs of the uninsured. In operation since 1986, they strive to reduce deaths from breast cancer by providing screening, diagnostics, and treatment services to any woman, regardless of her ability to pay, through services such as their Mobile
Mammography Program.
“Every woman who comes to The Rose helps take care of another woman. We really encourage women to take care of themselves. Whether they are using the mobile unit or if we are going to them with education and outreach, we want women to take care of themselves. Our facilities are not only excellent, but totally digital. We have doctors who talk with the women in all of our facilities.

We cover 35 counties in Texas.” – Dorothy Gibbons, co-founder and CEO of The Rose. 281-484-4708 or

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