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The Business of the Skin

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Arecent conversation with a skin care professional revealed that she had concerns regarding her skin care practice. She expressed that she had difficulty rebooking clients. Many came once, but never called back for another appointment. As incentives, she offered discounts or gave away facial gift certificates to local fundraisers. Moreover, she had challenges meeting her monthly expenses. There were a litany of reasons as to why she felt she had failed. If this scenario sounds familiar, perhaps it is time to re-examine your goals and how to best build and service your clients. All stories have great underlying insight.

Why are You in Business?
Whether you are a sole practitioner or work in a clinic or spa, the common dominator in your business is you. Have you thought of your short- and long-term goals? Whether you want to earn $5,000 or $20,000 a month, how are you going to achieve this? While we may be very adept with creating the look of a spa, service, product, and equipment, the initial phase of any endeavor, however, is to look at the financial layout of how you service your clients, make money, and sustain growth after your initial buildout.

Keep Things Simple
Do you sincerely believe that having a room full of machines, products, and a long service menu will bring customer satisfaction and additional money into your business? Do not purchase anything unless it fits into your business objectives, no matter how good a deal. Have you thought about your marketing campaign to entice people through the door? What is your annual plan? Who are your clients and what is their age range and needs? What unique services do you offer that may help them achieve healthier skin?

The Plan
Create your business plan on paper; write it out and declare how you want it to manifest. If you require assistance in your plan, reach out to a business coach or mentor, preferably one who also understands your business and finances.

What About the Competition?
Customers arrive at your door because of you, your skills, and your ability to attract and interact. While it is beneficial to know the location of nearby salons, day spas, and medical spas, more importantly, ask yourself what you wish to accomplish in your business. Consistently looking over your shoulder may undermine the initial reason you are creating a service business in the first place.
Keep your focus forward. Too much emphasis on being different or exclusive may not be the best use of your energy. Unless you can service the entire population of a surrounding area, exclusivity can ultimately mean isolation and placing energy in the wrong place. If you truly wish to build an exclusive business, highlight your prominence on performing results-oriented treatments with impeccable customer service. If you have employees, a caring, professional staff means repeat business.

Creating a Clear Pathway for Success
Focus on services that will be most beneficial and actually produce results. Your relationship with your client is based on the value, quality, and consistency of the products and services offered. Clients must feel that you are not only remedying their skin issues, but also treating them as a whole person.
Become proficient in conducting your initial client interview and skin analysis; make it a separate service. First-time clients require a thorough evaluation to rule out any potential risk factors. Realize that you cannot resort to using a device or product without first knowing the skin and taking time to mindfully create a treatment pathway. This requires critical thinking.
How well do you articulate? Do you take the time to hear the concerns of your client? This helps build confidence within the clients and shows that you are supporting their needs. Ultimately, customers come to you because of who you are as a passionate, knowledgeable practitioner.
Strive to reach a general consensus with your client regarding the best course of action that will reap long-term results.
The service menu should exceed client expectations by keeping things simple, yet thorough. Let clients realize that you are providing them with an extraordinary service done in an exceptional way. The goal is to have them leave your treatment with healthier, radiating skin and with the mindset of returning.

Customers return to you because of your knowledge of the skin and your ability to communicate. When was the last time you took the time to study the latest information on the cells, systems of the integumentary system, and the biological changes that occur when clients move through the aging process? Do you understand the true underlying causes of pigmentation? There are newer paradigm shifts when it comes to restoring and rejuvenating compromised skin. While many ideologies may have worked in the past, newer research finds that better results occur with a more corrective, slower approach that does not traumatize the skin. Too many layered services will confuse the skin and aggravate the immune system. Good intentions could end up having the skin continue in a genre of constant wound healing and a compromised barrier function.

A Positive Focus Vibrates at a Higher Frequency
The law of attraction states that constantly focusing on what you do not have will create more of the same. Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Napoleon Hill said, “You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct, and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want to be.”

When you are not clear on your desires from a personal and professional standpoint, you may exude many mixed messages as to the direction of your life. Each of us can only reach a high level of achievement depending upon how far we are willing to learn and create new paradigms for success. Sometimes we do not know what they are; this is where we must sit quietly and assess our true goals and aspirations.

Alexandra-ZaniAlexandra J. Zani is an international educator, researcher, and author with a background in cell biology and medical. Her passion for education resulted in receiving numerous advanced certifications, both in the United States and abroad. Zani earned an instructor license for aesthetics/cosmetology, is NCEA Nationally Certified, certified in Oncology Esthetics®, and the Pastiche Method® of Skin Analysis. She is a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy (IAC). Zani presents education for advanced aesthetic technology, including microcurrents, LED, and non-ablative laser. She is a specialist in anti-aging sciences, including the effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and the mind/body connection.

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