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Reaching Your Revenue Potential: Quick Tips for Improving Sales

Written by   Cheryl Whitman

Offering a broad range of skin care products is a great way for a spa to increase its retail revenue. Types of products to focus on include: facial care for antiaging, preventative maintenance, body products, sunscreen, multifunctional skin care, and products for men and millennials. It may also be a good idea to consider the growing market for niche, organic, and all-natural product alternatives.

It is important to know which products sell best to various client demographics based on factors like income and age. Customize retail and backbar focused on clients’ skin care needs.


When putting together a backbar, it is important to have a diverse range of masks, scrubs, and peel products. Always keep in mind that some clients may be sensitive to certain ingredients. Have a good mix of natural and pharmaceutical-grade products to choose from. Dispensing and compounding pharmaceutical-grade products can be very lucrative, if the medical spa provides the ingredients. The key is to know state laws, as compounding is big business. However, just writing a prescription brings no income.


Take a close look at retail over the last year. It is good practice to coordinate the brands sold in the business with backbar products. After the client experiences a product during their facial treatment, it is a natural progression to sell them the same product to take home. As part of their treatment, combine backbar masks and peels, along with microdermabrasion and lasers treatments. Work with clients to create a daily morning and evening skin care routine that they will adhere to. This will not only create an opportunity to sell products, but it will also enhance clients’ results. Create a long-term plan of both professional and homecare maintenance for 12 months with a step-up skin care program. Relate to clients by recommending products that are personal favorites. Texture and scent are the first things a client will look for when determining if they will make a purchase. Try to up-sell new products each visit and cross-sell with other treatment options. Consider offering a 12-month skin roadmap for clients’ treatments and maintenance products. Skin issues can be related to stress. In this case, have clients keep a diary of their daily stress levels. Another recommendation is for the client to keep a food diary to determine possible food-related skin issues.


Retaining happy clients and keeping them loyal is the goal that leads to success. Private label branded products with the company name on them is great idea. Each day clients are reminded of the brand. The idea that private label products are cost prohibitive is a myth. Brands can be created on any budget. Cost is determined by many factors including key ingredients, lab testing, and packaging. Backbar private label products and peels can be easily mixed and blended for optimum results for each client’s custom skin care needs.


The way products are retailed and displayed must be aesthetically pleasing, with shelf talkers focused on skin benefits. To increase product sales in office and online, help clients cut through the clutter of retail shopping by supplying them with high end, effective products. Create a shopping cart on the spa’s website for easy ordering and offer an auto ship program every four to six weeks. Bundling products is a great way to introduce a new client to a skin care regimen. Create seasonal kits to allow customers to try new products designed for specific purposes.


Competition makes it hard to dominate a market. It is necessary to stay on top of equipment, menu, and product knowledge. Update the spa’s menu of services and website with product details. Create blogs to introduce new products and new ingredients and always offer skin solutions.


Skin care lines often offer products that are complementary with one another and can be used in combination with other products, as well. Offering several brand options is always recommended. The downside to using only one brand is a possible lack of variety. Using a combination of products from different manufacturers allows professionals to mix and match a skin care regimen that is unique. Some product lines may not have the best product in each category, so it may be a good idea to mix and match products from different skin care brands. Although multiple skin care lines may carry similar products, certain skin types tolerate and react to certain lines better than others. The one thing to watch for when using multiple products is that they can be used in combination without causing any negative side effects. If unsure about combining certain products, talk to the manufacturer and test them personally. Always recommend the best solutions for clients’ skin care needs and goals, for both in-spa treatments and home maintenance. Remember to include an annual plan of facials, peels, laser light treatments, and more. Also, do not forget to get before and after photographs. In snapshotting a client, they can see what their skin looked like six months prior to starting a treatment plan.


Choose the best options that are most comfortable for clients. If the client is not getting the desired results, do not be afraid to try something new.


Cheryl Whitman 2019Cheryl Whitman is founder and CEO of Beautiful Forever, an aesthetic business consulting firm specializing in marketing new products, equipment launches, product development, branding, and assisting providers to identify and execute new business strategies aimed at improving their bottom line. The business also specializes in adding new profit centers and staff training. Whitman will be launching Beautiful Forever University in 2019. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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