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Ready, Set, Fight: Achieving Goals through a Passionate Spirit

Written by Delilah Matos

The skin care industry is certainly a crowded market and it can be tough for entrepreneurs to find their niche. On the other hand, it is rich with endless possibilities and generates billions of dollars each year.


More and more women today are not afraid to speak up or start their own business and, now, more than ever, there are many more female role models available to mentor others in a career in the skin care industry.


Those wishing to succeed cannot reach their goals by dreaming or thinking about it. Dreams require action, multiple attempts, and never staying down for the count too long. They require a fighter spirit.


With hard work eventually comes success. However, it will not be without a fight. Be ready to take some punches, roll with some punches, dodge punches, and punch back whenever life needs a little rearranging.


With any business, there is always competition. What is most exciting in the skin care industry is that there are so many opportunities, as long as a company identifies itself and knows its niche. Still, the world of skin care can be overwhelming. From the number of products on the market to all the mixed messages that consumers are bombarded with, targeting what really works for a brand or business – in a safe, non-toxic manner – can often be tricky. 


While it is important to be aware of the trends that are out there, always also stay true to brand. Always ensure the business comes from a true and sincere place. There is nothing worse than seeing a brand simply born out of market opportunity. Consumers are not fooled by this and will feel the inauthenticity, inevitably ensuring the lifespan of the brand is short.


Standing out from competitors and offering a product or service that a brand is committed to and passionate about is more important for a business’ long-term survival than jumping onto current trends that will be here today and gone tomorrow.


A successful venture needs to be ahead of the trend or set the trend. Create something that offers sustainable values, inspires out of box type of thinking, or something that, maybe, has faded with time, but can be restored with some creative inspiration, talent, and technique.


It is critical to note that if personal ability comes up short, one must study and practice harder. A career is earned and built – not given as a gift. It is chosen behavioral conduct, not a title earned simply by showing up.


Cultivating brand identity should also include being passionate about services or products. Without this, the chances of it thriving are extremely slim.


Keep an eye on competitor activity, but not to the point that focus is lost on the brand at hand.


When success is achieved, remember those who are starting out. Share insights gained along the path to success.


Delilah Matos2018  Delilah Matos, founder of Beautiful Fighter, has been a licensed skin care therapist for 20 years. She started beauty school, and working in salons, while still in high school. She discovered her niche within the industry and moved into research and branding. Matos is a sought-after professional delivering quality treatments and products. She believes that everyone has the power to fight for what they believe in and has packaged her vision into skin care and lifestyle brand meant to empower others, Beautiful Fighter. beautifulfighter.com

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