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Money Maker

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Hair removal is one of the most sought-after aesthetic services in the beauty industry with a high return on investment (ROI). There are various methods of hair removal such as waxing, threading, laser, and the most recent sensation, sugaring. No matter which method, hair removal has minimal overhead, and many skin care professionals overlook the opportunity to upsell their current clients. It is more cost efficient to increase current clients’ lifetime value by simply suggesting additional services to complement their existing hair removal appointment. Add-ons will increase the average revenue per client while leveling up a client’s self-care regimen. This will benefit clients and profit numbers, making it the ultimate win-win. To revamp a service list, consider these common add-ons and combinations to naturally upsell regular hair removal services and increase revenue.

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Victoria PrinceBeauty scientist, Chicago native, wife, and mother, Victoria “Tori” Prince is a highly sought after NCEA-certified licensed aesthetician, licensed educator, international celebrity makeup artist, published author and writer, coach, mentor, and founder of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC, a luxurious self-care brand. As a self-care expert, Prince wholeheartedly believes in building self-esteem by prioritizing self-care into everyday lifestyle. Tori Prince Beauty provides refined products and services that transform skin and wellness from the inside out while mentoring future industry experts in order to encourage proper understanding and representation of women of color within the beauty and skin care industry.

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