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Packaging Pursuit: Corporate Responsibility & Conscious Consumerism

Written by   Allison Turquoise Kent-Gunn

Sustainable packaging is a topic being discussed with increased frequency and urgency within the beauty industry. While the industry is projected to reach a whopping $510 billion in annual revenue this year, the immense growth comes with an environmental cost.1 Annually, the global beauty industry generates more than 120 billion units of packaging, the vast majority of which is single-use packaging that ends up in landfills where it can take centuries to degrade.2

In trying to meet the growing demands of consumers, the beauty industry’s carbon footprint has grown too large to ignore any longer. Consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the environmental footprint their beauty purchases possess. In fact, 57% of consumers state they are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce the negative impact it has on the environment.3 This influx in both corporate responsibility and conscious consumerism is creating a synergistic push for sustainable packaging, adding unprecedented momentum to a shift that has been long awaited in the industry. While sustainable packaging is a complex and constantly evolving topic, there are five primary ways brands can reduce their environmental footprint.

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Allison TurquoiseAllison Turquoise Kent-Gunn entered the skin care industry as a licensed aesthetician at the age of 18, starting her career in consumer-facing product sales. In this role she garnered a strong sales record and a reputation for client education. She then chose to pursue her passion for business, taking a role as the Head of New Business Development at a skin care laboratory where she collaborated with brands and product development to launch innovative skin care products. Graduating with her MBA in 2020, she has since taken her career to new heights by joining WWP Beauty as their West Coast Sales Manager, where she partners with brands ranging from indie to international to launch cutting edge formulations and sustainable packaging solutions.


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