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Small Touches That Go the Distance

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As folks emerge from quarantine, the desire for a little tender loving care is at an all-time high. This makes sense when one thinks about how isolating quarantine felt and how limited experiences and social interactions are right now. So, when clients do decide to return for service, you need to bring the wow factor. This means more than just a great treatment. Their entire journey needs to be memorable – every touchpoint and every interaction, from text to voicemail messages. What does the client’s journey look and feel like? Are you paying fantastic attention to every small touch and client service detail?

I know that the industry has a long and beautiful history of creating experiences for clients, but some of the familiar touches that were routine no longer work in today’s environment. So, how do skin care professionals personalize their journey now and make an impact? Well, the silver lining in the current situation is to have an opportunity to revisit, refresh, and reinvent one’s brand and business.



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Leah Argento




Based in Chicago, Leah Argento is a licensed aesthetician creating best-in-class learning experiences for customers and employees that enhance business growth. Argento is an experienced business development manager and trainer/educator with over 12 years in the aesthetic space. She is a collaborator, leader, and doer. “Every experience matters because every person matters.”

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