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Tuesday, 23 June 2020 09:31

Determining Liability: Types of Insurance

Written by   Kayla Thomas

In the skin care industry, there are so many factors that come in place with doing our jobs to the fullest capabilities. One pivotal structure that must be understood is figuring out what liability insurances we need. The risk is greater than any and making sure you are covered should be at the top of any list when starting business operations. Claims happen every day and leisure that will protect us from these disputes is putting together a policy that fits your needs. Lawsuits are a common denominator in the aesthetics industry and taking steps to reduce that risk land you on top of your game.


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Kayla Thomas




Kayla Thomas is an independent licensed aesthetician that recently opened her establishment Glow By Kay Aesthetics in New York City. Thomas has been constantly expanding her expertise by keeping up with all advanced learning and classes. She has a background in business with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and she also holds a national certification with NCEA. Her aspirations are to use her expertise to ignite a successful salon. Her ongoing goals are to encourage women to feel beautiful in their own skin and also educating and always using her best judgment to treat each client based on their needs.

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