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Wednesday, 18 March 2020 09:34

Quick Steps for Sanitation Between Clients

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As aestheticians, the biggest responsibility is ensuring the safety of each client. As most skin care professionals learn in school and every continuing education class taken, sanitation is a must. It helps in ensuring that germs, bacteria, and disease will not be spread. With full books and little down time in between clients, it can be easier to make mistakes in sanitation practices. Staying organized in the treatment room, knowing one’s setup, and having a system will ensure that each client is serviced with clean tools and in a clean environment. Having enough supplies, tools, and bedding is essential to staying on track with sanitation.

Since the treatment table is where skin care professionals provide services, it is important to ensure that it is always sanitized before each client. Try keeping an environmental protection agency registered disinfectant in close vicinity to the treatment table, as well as environmental protection agency registered disinfectant wipes. The service will determine the sanitation. Keeping a small bowl for tools that need to be sanitized next to the treatment table will help keep track of which tools are clean and which ones are not. For waxing clients, before they enter the treatment room, check to ensure that the table is fully covered in wax paper, so the chances of wax or the client’s skin touching the table is less likely. Immediately after the client exits the treatment room, pull any wax paper that is used and throw it away. If blood is a factor, always spray disinfectant spray and follow the directions on the bottle to ensure complete disinfection of the treatment table. If blood is not a factor, simply wipe the treatment table down twice with environmental protection agency registered disinfectant wipes. After ensuring the treatment table is clean, wipe down the surface of the table used to hold tools, as well.

For facial clients, after the client leaves the room, quickly remove all linens and covers, throw them in the laundry, and start the cycle, so laundry does not pile up at the end of the day, and wipe the table with a disinfectant wipe. After taking care of the table, start washing all facial bowls and tools, and place fresh clean linens on the treatment table. Make sure to include a towel for the head wrap, so it is all set to go for the next client. For tools such as tweezers, scissors, and extraction tools, keep several pairs of each. After each client, wash the tools used with the previous client and place them in barbacide. By the time the next client is wrapped up, the tools will be properly disinfected.

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