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Tuesday, 17 March 2020 16:12

Knowledge is Power: Educating Clients on Integrity

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Have you ever received a frantic phone call from a client who had a negative outcome from a treatment that they had just gotten elsewhere? As beauty professionals, our daily responsibilities go far beyond appearance enhancement. While we commit to consistently providing honest and accurate services, we must also use each appointment as an opportunity to educate clients. These shared moments are imperative to a client’s understanding of their own skin and treatment plan and can also protect them from potential harm caused by unlawful practices.

However, there are many steps that can be taken to avoid any dissatisfaction and assure that all clients will continue to choose you as their aesthetician. These suggestions can help set you apart from illegitimate providers and establish trust between you and your clients, guaranteeing that they will never have to fear misconduct in the treatment room.




The first approach may be the simplest of them all, but is something that is most often overlooked. This vital step is known as the client consultation process and should be done at the start of each appointment before any hands-on treatment takes place. During the consultation, you have the ability to sit down and speak to clients one-on-one. Here, you can discuss their expectations compared to your professional abilities. The term scope of practice is the phrase used to describe the legal capability of a provider while maintaining the limits set by their professional license. These legalities often vary by location, so it is vital that skin care professionals thoroughly understand the regulations of their region and stay up-to-date with any changes that are made. Though these laws are available to the public, most clients do not know what to look for in an uneducated provider or illegal practice. Using the consultation as a place to talk openly with each client helps them to better understand your craft and appreciate your extensive knowledge, confirming that they have chosen the right provider from day one. Taking the time to educate clients establishes credibility and reassurance and could potentially reach a much larger audience than anticipated. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and it is likely that your advice and guidance will become widespread information. You may even have the ability to prevent negligent services just by sharing your wisdom with clients.




Another action you can take is to post your accomplishments, both physically and virtually. Not only is showcasing your licenses on the wall of your workspace often required by law, it is also a great way to present your achievements for clients to view the moment they walk through the door. Apart from hanging these documents at your place of business, it can also be beneficial to share your skills on social media platforms. Often, potential clients will research your business online before deciding to schedule an appointment. Utilizing various outlets like Facebook, Instagram, or a professional website allows clients to access your information day or night with the simple click of a button. Sharing a brief biography that describes your accomplishments alongside visuals of your certifications can be very effective in proving to clients that you are trained to the highest degree. In doing so, future clients will be confident in your abilities before they even schedule an appointment.




One final way to ensure that you are providing safe and current treatments is to attend continuing education courses. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and growing, making it easy to be left in the past. Though some states and professions do not require that these classes be taken to maintain licensure, it is vital that you take it upon yourself to go the extra mile. Not only does this guarantee that you are providing the newest and most on-trend services, but it also helps to improve and expand your current techniques. Learning from other experienced professionals can only serve to cultivate your career and show clients that you are forever dedicated to the rapid advancements in the beauty industry. It may also be beneficial to host an event at your business demonstrating the new service or technology that you have learned, giving clients an opportunity to grow with you and inspire excitement along the way. Keeping clients informed on exclusive content promotes a good rapport and aids in building loyalty on a professional level.


Leading by example is the best way to show clients what they deserve. The sacrifices that are given to become an elite provider will not go unnoticed by consumers and professionals alike when you continuously strive for perfection and accuracy. Though not every provider seeks professionalism and may fail ethically, it is imperative to stay true to yourself and what you know to be morally correct. Respecting both the regulations of your professional license and the wishes of your client assures that your performance will be second to none. Leaving your workplace at the end of each day knowing that you have served each client to the highest degree will provide you with a rewarding career that will last a lifetime.


Jessica Manno is a licensed aesthetician. She is dually certified in laser and paramedical aesthetics and is also trained as a New York state instructor. Manno has a passion for education and feels blessed to play a role in the success of future aestheticians.

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