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Subtle Ways to Make Your Wax Business Stand Out

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Standing out from your competition is key to the overall success of your business. The spa and wellness industry is a service-based industry, meaning that the value you provide is largely based on customer service, advice, and knowledge. Considering various ways to strengthen the overall customer experience will allow you to improve your business and differentiate yourself from others.




Customer service is an integral part of the foundation of any business, but this is especially true in the spa and beauty industry. The relationship that you foster between yourself and your client is one that is built on trust, loyalty, and integrity. Your clients return to you because they know the wax service they receive is consistent and of high quality. It is important to continually review standard business practices when it comes to client services, as it can often get overlooked. Routinely consider ways to innovate in order to improve and offer the best possible wax every time. Pay attention to small details, such as offering clients water, tea, or coffee when they come in, showing them where the washroom is, and offering to take their jacket. Have monthly meetings with your team to review and brainstorm ways that you can do things differently and make a lasting impression on clients.




When you try to serve everyone, you end up serving no one. This can be especially true with service-based businesses. Carve out your business and know who you are targeting. What sets you apart from the competition that will attract those individuals to you? Look at your best clients and understand what similarities they have. Ask your clients to complete a simple survey. The survey could include questions on why they return to you, what they would like to see done differently, and other feedback they may have. You could also consider tying the survey to a draw prize or promotion as a way to encourage clients to take the time to offer their input.




Understand what sets you a part from your competition. What makes your business different and unique? Is it the wax product you use? Is it the care you take in explaining the products in service? Is it the care you to take in working with clients to develop a homecare routine? Whatever it is that makes your business thrive, commit to it and resist the temptation to wander off. When other opportunities arise, it can be easy to get distracted and not focus on your core business and what you do well. Consider those opportunities that grow your business and strengthen it while still allowing you to stay focused on what is providing you with success.




The reality of a customer driven business is that you will get at least one unhappy customer. Perhaps you missed some hair or you were running late to their appointment. Whatever the reason is that they are upset, you must respect this and develop a strong plan for a solution. If a bad experience remains unresolved, a client will not only fail to return to you, but they will also spread the word to their network. Negative feedback can spread like wildfire through social media and word of mouth. Accept your mistakes and work to fix them with the client. They will appreciate the honesty and your openness to developing a solution.




Staying ahead of the trends and introducing new products and services is a great way to stand out from the competition. Understand the hot, new ingredients that the industry is buzzing about and how to incorporate them to offer a better service to clients. Being educated on industry trends will allow you to have an educated conversation with a client, increasing their confidence in you. This is especially true when they ask your opinion on something they have heard or read. A great way to learn the trends is to read industry publications and blogs and, when possible, attend seminars or tradeshows.


Providing top-notch customer service is among one of the most important ways to differentiate your business from the competition. Always be aware of ways to innovate and improve your business, but take care to not lose sight on who your clients are and why they continue to return to you.




Lindsay Miller 2019Lindsay Miller is the president of LYCON Wax North America. Having first discovered LYCON Wax in the United Kingdom 10 years ago, she has dedicated her time to growing the brand across North America, including introducing LYCON to Canada. Training and product quality are extremely important to Miller and she prides herself on building a strong team around her that can offer the best customer experience possible. LYCON continues to be a market leader in hair removal wax and is used in top spas and salons around the world.

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