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Round 9: Fearless Fighting

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Striving in the beauty industry is not always a beautiful experience, especially if you are new to the field and are eager to establish your unique brand and business. With over 20 years of experience, I can share with you a thing or two on what it takes to win in the industry.


Personally, I have never been into jumping onto industry trends and I encourage you not to either. Why add to the already saturated ideas when you can bring to the table your completely unique ideas? Yes, it may be harder to take this approach because you will be different, but you will stand out. It will take courage, but you can do it. Be a trendsetter, not a trend follower.


It’s important that your products or services provide valuable benefits to clients, having them positively and strongly relate with your particular brand. Clients are your main event and focus, not other brands. Stay focused on your clients.


Achieving success requires you to have a fighter spirit. Here are some top tips for facing challenges head on and winning at your trade.




No business, particularly a small one, can be all things to all people. The narrower you can define your target market, the better. Bigger is not always better. More is not always best. Stay simple and stay true.




Good niches do not just happen, they are created carefully. Creating a unique niche is the key to success even for the largest of companies. Use your unique specialty, your own unique ideas, and you will quickly find that clients will begin to seek you out, naturally.




Be careful not to make the mistake of being all over the road. Remember, you cannot be a master at all things. Attempting to do so, you will quickly learn a tough lesson and will risk confusing clients. Instead, think smaller and more focused.




Who do you want to do business with? Be specific. Identify the types of businesses or clients you want your business to target. You must understand and accept that you cannot do business with everybody.




Focus and clarify what you want. Identify the things you do best, make a list of achievements, and identify past lessons you have learned. You will find that your niche arises naturally from your interests and experience.




Be one of a kind. Don’t just concern yourself with what your product directly provides – think outside the box. Involve the experience around services.




Go for it. For many entrepreneurs, this can be difficult. Be courageous. Entering the market will be a calculated risk, not a gamble. Believe in yourself.


Remember, establishing your uniqueness within the industry will allow you to create a unique product or service and give your brand a distinct voice, allowing clients to pick you out from the crowd.


When establishing yourself, be careful not to go too over the top with your ideas, as this begins to eat away at your profit margin. Appearing extravagant may make your product or service look great, but don’t forget that at the end of the day you still need those healthy profit margins if you want to be successful.

With a winning attitude and your unique brand, products, and services, you can become successful in an industry that craves your creativity.



Delilah Matos 2019Delilah Matos, founder of Beautiful Fighter, has been a licensed skin care therapist for 20 years. She started beauty school and working in salons while still in high school. She discovered her niche within the industry and moved into research and branding. Matos is a sought-after professional delivering quality treatments and products. She believes that everyone has the power to fight for what they believe in and has packaged her vision into an empowering skin care and lifestyle brand, Beautiful Fighter. Whether it is aging, acne, or dealing with sensitive skin, Matos’ message is that individuals can “face it beautifully and win.”

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