Laundry Laziness

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“I am the only person who ever does laundry here. Why are they so lazy?!”


“I swear if someone else doesn’t start folding these towels, I’m going to snap.”


“Does no one else know how to do a load of sheets? At least load the washer!”


Have you ever uttered any of those sentences? I imagine you’ve said a variation of at least one of these every day, unless you work alone. Laundry is something aesthetics school does not adequately prepare you for. I think they try, but as students, we are blissfully confident that, in a few short months, all of us will be able to fold a towel with the efficiency of that box folding guy in the Domino’s commercials.


At my current gig, I’m extremely lucky in the laundry department. My co-workers are an amazing group of women who will wash, dry, and fold all my stuff without a single word of complaint. Do you know how rare that is?


I have not always been so lucky, though. My first job was an every man for themselves kind of place. If you didn’t keep up with your own laundry, you didn’t have linens to do your job. Or, if another aesthetician had to do a load of your stuff, you’d hear about her sacrifice of time and energy for weeks. Even at school, where everyone was supposed to have an assigned duty, some students had already figured out a way to beat the system. I envied and abhorred them for their lack of caring for the common good. Wouldn’t this be easier if everyone just contributed? But, some people don’t share that mentality and they never will – no matter how hard you try or how much you might laundry shame them or call them out for being the lazy one. To them, it’s something that gets done, regardless, so why bother.


I have a vivid memory of walking past one such person while in the last days of my training at school. She was casually leaned against the wall, flip phone to her ear, chatting away without a care in the world. I pushed through the door of the school’s massive laundry facility and stopped dead at the sight of mountains of sopping towels and linens. In the background, the industrial sized washers and dryers that should have been churning away were silent and I could clearly hear the student I’d passed laughing without a care. “Only two more weeks and I’ll never have to deal with this mess or people like her again,” I thought. I think you know how this story ends. There will always be a flip phone girl, except now she has a smart phone and never looks up from the screen. And, as long as I’m in the beauty industry, I’ll find myself wading through endless piles of towels and sheets.


In the end, it is important to maintain your sanity by staying strong and knowing you are not alone in the battle against laundry laziness.



Shelly Steadman 2019Shelly Steadman is a licensed aesthetician and educator with over 11 years’ experience in the skin care industry. After spending the last six years of her career behind a teacher’s podium training new aestheticians, she transitioned back into a treatment room. Steadman is currently working as an aesthetician at artistrySPASALON in the beautiful city of Franklin, Tennessee.

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