Customization is Key: Benefits of Using a Custom Wax

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Custom wax is a great way to add a personal touch to your waxing business. You can tailor the wax to your needs through formulations, scents, colors, and branding. The unique look, smell, and feel of your wax will make the spa experience memorable for clients. Standing out in the spa marketplace is critical to expanding your business and custom wax can help you stick in the minds of current and new clients.



Offering custom wax products for clients is a fantastic way to increase revenue and profits for your spa. When clients see that you put that extra effort into your spa and into caring for clients, they are more inclined to return and recommend you. Creating custom wax shows that you believe in quality and that’s something clients will always value.



When you offer many options to clients, you allow them to choose the product and service that suits their needs. For example, you can make custom waxes to suit areas of the body that you often treat or that are for sensitive skin types. When you have the waxes that are most beneficial to your client base, they will return, knowing that they can get the best treatment for their skin at your spa. For example, if you make and use a sensitive skin formula, clients who have struggled with waxing in the past will feel confident that your custom wax effectively removes and soothes their skin to avoid any irritation or discomfort.


Creating, using, and advertising that you have custom waxes can help you appeal to and gain more clients!



We all know that wax behaves differently in varying temperatures, especially hard wax. Having a wax that is formulated especially for your climate and will perform as expected every time in your spa setting supports you and your staff and, in turn, delivers a better service to clients.



Different aestheticians use different techniques. We have all learned from different teachers and experiences. Experienced aestheticians tend to take what they have learned and put their own spin on it. There are so many different schools of thought on wax application, removal, and body positioning. Instead of having to keep adjusting your techniques to make the wax work, shouldn’t the wax be working for you? Designing a custom wax can help enhance what you do and help you do it and teach it better and faster. This will not only strengthen your training (and help keep staff delivering consistent services), but it will also help to make sure clients get the same experience every time.



One way you can stand out from other waxing spas is to offer something that no one else has. Your custom wax will be unique to your spa. So, adding colors, scents, and branding that showcase your spa’s personality will be sure to resonate with clients. Make the wax a feature on your website and social media, display it in the spa, and discuss it with clients. You want to communicate its benefits and commitment to quality, offering a one-of-a-kind spa experience. That’s what keeps clients coming back.



It’s an all too common story. Aesthetician quits, starts her own business, and takes 25% of the clients with her. It turns out that the clients are loyal to their waxers, but they are also loyal to your wax. What waxing clients look for the most is consistency. They want to know that they will get the same results, every time. Your staff may come and go for various reasons, but clients can only guarantee that they will end up with the same results at your spa, with your wax that they cannot find anywhere else.



The industry of body waxing continues to grow and change. Custom wax helps you stand out and appeal to more people, but it’s also a way to keep up with an ever-changing spa landscape.

New waxing techniques are being created every day and new formulas emerge, as well. Creating a custom wax that follows new trends will show clients that you are dedicated to offering them the latest in waxing developments.

With all the possibilities for growth for your waxing business, you should consider the positive impact that custom wax has. Highlight your company’s values and personality with custom wax and capture the attention and loyalty of consumers.


Chaiane GelosaChaiane Gelosa, born in tropical bikini weather Brazil, was diagnosed with PCOS at a very young age and hirsurtism (excessive body hair) was her arch nemesis growing up. She moved to the United States in 2001 and, unsatisfied after having tried everything hair removal related available in the Brazilian and American market, Gelosa set off to start her own wax line in 2010. Now, she owns Body Wax Brazil, a Colorado based manufacturer that sells premium depilatory wax to salons and waxing professionals all over the world. Whenever she is not covered in wax, obsessively testing new formulations, she and her husband can be found chasing their two beautiful toddlers.,   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or @bodywaxbrazil (Instagram)


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