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Setting the Stage: 4 Small Considerations to Improve Your Spa Services

Written by   Monique Enriquez

“Spring breathes new life into the world around us.” I love this quote because it also resonates into the world of retail and prospect opportunity for the skin care professional. Needless to say, springtime is a transitional period into blissful thinking after months of cold, dry, and low-temperature weather that leaves us feeling somewhat blue and our skin looking dry, dull, and somewhat pasty. Springtime is a magnificent season to entice existing clients and future prospects into buying new skin care products and booking both skin and body treatments. Some clients will be looking at replenishing their current skin care arsenal with new options and lighter-weight products in order to meet their skin care needs. Warmer weather also brings on feelings of happiness, excitement, and a sense of adventure. This change in attitude opens up the door to retail opportunities for the skin care professional.

However, in order to better serve existing client and potential prospect, you must provide them with the best in-store customer service experience. Let’s take a closer look at how to position yourself in your work environment and how you can implement and take advantage of the vast online beauty and personal care trends in your spa.

How do you show up for your clients? This entails looking well-groomed, being professional and amicable, feeling confident, and knowing what you are talking about. In other words, you represent your personal brand. You must also see yourself as an industry expert with social influence in your space, which should come easily, as you already have the training background and work experience to suffice it.

Next, your dialogue with a client or prospect should always be a two-way conversation in order to understand their problems and prescribe them what they need. You are always looking for the main cause of the problem and providing them with homecare solutions, so they can look and feel better about themselves. This step is crucial for the skin care professional because it instills trust and likeability, which leads to product sales and referrals.

Lastly, how are you dealing with personal setbacks, competition, and low retail sales?

Life is not easy. Everyone has personal issues to deal with, but it must be done privately on your own time. Take some time off if you need to reorganize your thoughts, emotional health, and well-being. When you are dealing with a client or prospect, you must be 100 percent on top of your game, present and ready to serve them. Failure to do so will affect your work performance, self-confidence, and sales targets.

The skin care industry is very competitive, saturated with professionals offering very similar products and services. So, how do you gain some of the market-share and popularity in the industry? One effective and fun way is by planning holiday and seasonal on-site events focusing on new product launches, the latest beauty and personal care trends, package promotions, giveaways, and free product sampling. Getting clients involved through the buyer’s journey, allows the skin care professional to offer a customized and personalized experience that he or she will not be able to get on their own nor through online shopping. The other great advantage for you and a benefit to the client or prospect is that by doing a live product demonstration you are providing an insta-fix, self-gratification, and a solution to their problems.

Finally, I would like to take you through a skin bar product presentation on how you can incorporate these steps into the buyer’s journey at your spa. Whether you are hosting an event, doing a group, or one-on-one consultation, watch my online video demonstration for more professional tips and tricks.


Monrique EnriquezMonique Enriquez is a beauty and wellness expert specializing in holistic beauty care segments for both men and women who want to look great and feel good about themselves. As a freelance writer, speaker, and television presenter, Enriquez shares her passion, expertise, and knowledge via magazine articles, blog posts, social media @beautydivaglam, television, and radio presentations. For additional lifestyle tips and a free monthly beauty report with Enriquez, visit

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