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All of these phrases contain a modicum of reality. However, in our clinic, we give a small amount of credence to all the above. Our focus has always been "root/cause" medicine and "root/cause" skin care. And when it comes to "root/cause" of any system or organ of the human body (including the skin), it is our opinion that nothing makes a more frequent, more meaningful,…
Despite such an advanced beauty culture, it is disappointing that a majority of the skin analysis conducted in aesthetics and skin care clinics is still to insufficient to be useful. The main reason for this is that in many clinics, detailed consultations and skin diagnostic tools are not being used. So with this utilization of old-fashioned terminology, diagnostic language and procedures (which are often no…
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Stuck On You: Body Sugaring

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If you don't already cater your services to the men in your vicinity, or if you limit your services to haircuts, you are selling yourself short. That is to say, you are selling your business short on its potential profitability. Haven't you noticed "for men only – hair care & more" places popping up all over North America? And, it's fast becoming a hot commodity!…
The human body consists of two-thirds of fluid, thus we are able to drain about 40 to 50 liters of body water, regulating the homeostatic disturbances of metabolism, in connective tissues as well as in bursae and joins (synovial). New Lymph Means New Life The lymphatic system has for a long time, until now, been a step-child of the medical profession. In our century the…
Not all exfoliating methods are created equal, especially when it comes to treating ethnic skin. In order to provide your patients of color with safe and effective exfoliation procedures, it is imperative to understand the differences in the structure and function of ethnic skin. As we become a more blended global society, many patients we treat will have mixed heritage. Even a patient who has…

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