Wednesday, 02 January 2019 00:31

Don’t Freak Out! What to do When Wax Ends up in a Client’s Hair

Written by Shelly Steadman
 I still remember the first time I dropped wax in a client’s hair. “Don’t be silly. Of course, I won’t have to cut it out,” I tried to convince myself – but my stomach churned with anxiety. This was not something we covered in aesthetics school. I would have remembered a class on removing wax from a client’s scalp. As I looked down, I had…
The stratum corneum is the skin’s barrier and is the top layer of the epidermis. In the epidermis, keratinocyte stem cells reside in the basal layer, which is the lowest layer of the stratified epithelia. These cells divide further and differentiate as they move upwards in the epidermis towards the stratum corneum. Found within the stratum corneum are corneocytes which are dead keratin-filled squamous cells…
Monday, 31 December 2018 12:26

Avoiding the Off-Season Lull – Tips for Marketing Wax Services in the Winter

Written by Lindsay Miller
With winter upon us, the cooler weather brings about cozy sweaters, long pants, and, often, little desire for clients to keep up with their waxing services. With the change in season, getting dressed each morning now requires layer upon layer of clothing and no perceived need for hair removal services. Here are some tips and tricks to educate clients and keep them coming back, even…

Year-Round Success: A Guide to Seasonal Body Treatments

Written by Heather J. Kreider, L.E., R.N.
While it is true that seasonal treatments are here today and gone tomorrow, they can deliver a lasting impact on a spa’s reputation and revenue potential. Visits to spas and resorts often fluctuate according to the time of year and a spa’s location. So, when visits wane, offering unique, seasonally-inspired treatments services to the menu can attract guests that are yearning for something fresh and…
Most facials end at the clavicle or bottom of the throat. The approach to “facials” used in the last four decades was bothersome. Traditionally, a facial seemed to be a cleanse, massage, mask, or machine mask (galvanic masks were very popular in the 1930s). A toner usually followed this and, finally, a nurturing cream was applied. The variety of exotic creams applied in salons of…

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