Though a new wave of body positivity has emerged embracing women of all shapes and sizes, the sentiments surrounding cellulite are largely unchanged – it is still seen as undesirable. Store shelves are lined with products promising to diminish the appearance of dimpling. Medical spas offer treatments boasting longer-lasting results. But, will there ever be a cure?

The Paraffin Tub Alternative

Written by Kristine Sartore, vice president of sales, marketing, and business development at Spa Revolutions
Paraffin treatments are a luxurious and profitable add-on treatment to manicures and pedicures. A natural emollient, paraffin offers guests instant gratification with improved skin elasticity and softness. Not only is it beneficial for the skin, but there are also a number of health benefits, including increased blood flow, relaxed muscles, and relief from joint stiffness.
Every spring, consumers dig through their bathroom drawers (or run to their skin care expert) to find the perfect self-tanner to start the process of hiding their winter skin tone and getting themselves ready for summer. While self-tanning products are generally seasonal, skin care professionals can introduce their clients to gradual tanners during any season. Now is the perfect time to help clients keep a…

Massage Techniques

Written by Lilliane Caron
A massage can instantly relax the body and mind; reduce stress, alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain; reduce fatigue and headaches; and improve blood flow. It seems like there is a never-ending list of benefits and should certainly be seen as a necessity these days rather than a luxury. With many different types of massages on the market, it is hard to know which ones…
In 2016, Americans spent more than 15 billion dollars on combined surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the first time ever. Nonsurgical procedures were up seven percent in 2016.

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