Lomi Balm

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Lomi Balm Lomi Balm
If joint pain, muscle stiffness or inflammation is zapping your energy, Ola Tropical Apothecary’s Lomi Balm may be just what you need to hit the ground running again–naturally.

Ola Tropical Apothecary’s Lomi Balm is a natural analgesic product inspired by the traditional uses of Hawaiian medicinal plants. Consulting with Big Island Kumu Lomi, Dane Silva, Lomi Balm was created to target minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.

Lomi Balm harnesses the powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidants of Hawaiian medicinal plants, infused with the warming and cooling sensation of menthol and camphor essential oil making it ideal to relax sore muscles, stress and tension.

Key ingredients are infused into a premium blend of organic tropical oils of coconut, kukui, macadamia, avocado, and tamanu and include:

• ʻŌlena (Turmeric) - Relieves inflammation |High in Anti-oxidants | Anti-bacterial | Anti-septic |Anti-microbial;
• ʻUhaloa (Waltheria americana and W. indica) - Stimulates Circulation |Anti-inflammatory;
• Ginger Root - Purifying and Stimulating |Anti-inflammatory |Anti-irritant;
• Noni Fruit - High in Anti-oxidants | Anti-inflammatory;
• ‘Awa (Kava Kava) - Promotes relaxation and tranquility | Soothing for muscles and tension;
• Lemongrass - Antiseptic | High in Antioxidants |High in Vitamin C;
• Hawaiian Chili Pepper - High in vitamin C |Relieves pain;
• Passion Flower - High in Anti-oxidants | Soothing |Anti-inflammatory.

Hawaiian Beeswax is also used to provide a synergistic and holistic medium to help maximize all the healing benefits.

Ola Tropical Apothecary’s Lomi Balm has a suggested retail price of $24 for a 2 ounce jar (a larger 6 ounce jar is available for spa/wellness professionals). To view the entire Ola Tropical Apothecary collection or to make a purchase please visit, www.hawaiianbodyproducts.com.

Ola Tropical Apothecary is a natural-based bath and body spa collection centered on the Hawaiian concept of beauty and wellness. Each of the Company’s hand-crafted bath and body products combine beneficial botanicals, oils, fruits, sea elements and flowers in the time-honored, traditional Hawaiian way. By supporting Ola, you support local small farmers and business, as well as a Company that is responsible, transparent and sustainable. Please visit www.hawaiianbodyproducts.com for more information.
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