Cocoon Series InfraMat Pro

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The Cocoon series gives users the most comprehensive full-body experience to-date. Each Cocoon consists of two full-sized mats, including some of the most popular models from HealthyLine’s TAO and TAJ series, that wrap the user’s body in a wellness-enhancing cocoon of far infrared and PEMF therapy. When combined, the benefits of the separate mats provide an all-encompassing 360° deep penetrating experience. New to these models are detachable zippers throughout the product, allowing professionals to incorporate the mats into massage or physical therapy sessions. The Cocoon is easy to assemble, portable and much more affordable than other infrared capsules on the market. Each mat comes with its own controller so users can adjust temperatures to customize the experience to their liking. All mats in the Cocoon series offer PEMF, FIR, negative ions, and hot stone therapy, with some models also featuring photon LED light therapy for five therapy modalities in one. The Cocoon series is the perfect device for professional spas to elevate their services or place it in-home for an ideal at-home luxury wellness experience. And while other, similar products can be very costly, the Cocoon pays for itself in a matter of weeks which can help produce streams of revenue for spa and wellness business owners.

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