Mastering Massage: 5 Benefits of a Massage

Written by Stephanie James

It is no secret – massages feel great. Not only do they feel great, but they are also beneficial for one’s health. By establishing a peaceful environment, making sure the area is thoroughly cleaned after each massage, and establishing proper communication, a professional can provide an experience for their client that provides a host of benefits.




Massages reduce stress. They are an excellent way to help people to unwind and relax, and these effects may even be long-term in nature. It is important that the massage is relaxing to ensure that the stress relief benefits are as effective as possible. The atmosphere should be peaceful and the client should be worry-free.




Massages may be used to relieve pain – even pain from injuries, surgeries, and health conditions. They are commonly used to relieve back pain and stiffness. Make sure that the massage is targeted to properly relieve the client’s pain and that there is open communication to allow the client to safely and comfortably receive the relief that they need.




Massages also help to improve sleep. They can help to relax the body and improve the client’s mood. Muscles are loosened in the process, which helps to promote sleep. Adding in essential oils can also improve the massage and help encourage proper sleep. These oils may be applied directly to the skin (with a carrier oil) to have the most direct impact upon the client, but discuss their use before using them, in case the client has any allergies or sensitivities. They may also be added to the air for a fresh scent that is relaxing and will enhance the overall environment.




Massages help to improve circulation. Because muscles and tendons are loosened, blood is able to flow more effectively. This can improve cardiovascular health and further alleviate pain and fatigue. It is important to learn the proper areas of the body to target circulation. It may also help to ask the client if they have had any circulation issues in the past and work to loosen up those areas.




Massages actually serve as a way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as to improve mental health overall, allowing clients to feel happier. Massages stimulate the production of endorphins and oxytocin.


Massages offer great benefits to clients. Communicating these benefits to clients will help them see the value of booking an appointment and ensure your schedule stays filled!



Stephanie JamesStephanie James is a health enthusiast by day and freelance writer by night. She is a recent college graduate from the University of Illinois and loves to cover all things wellness and fitness and encourages others to make all aspects of their health a priority. You can connect with her and find more of her work on a variety of topics on Twitter @sjaywrites13.

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