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“Thanks a Brazillian” – Creating a Painless Waxing Experience for Clients

Written by Cali Vanaelst, L.E.

Brazilian waxing continues to gain in popularity. Not only a service for women, men are also loving the hair being entirely removed from their intimate area, as well. The Brozillian, Manzilian, or Boyzilian is a hot topic and a hot service. Trendsetters may push to bring back the ‘70s bush, but men and women are in love with the smooth, clean, and care-free comfort gained from Brazilian waxing. The lucrative Brazilian waxing service is here to stay. The numbers continue to climb, making Brazilian waxing an area for a spa to thrive.


What is a Brazilian wax? A bikini wax is a great service to offer clients to remove any hair that would fall outside of the bikini line. But, the Brazilian wax (sometimes referred to as the Hollywood), will remove all the hair on the intimate area, including the entire front and backside. For anyone who has tried to shave between the cheeks, they understand why this is an amazing service. Once a client experiences the comfort of the Brazilian wax, they will never go back to shaving or depilatory creams.


So, what are the top reasons men and woman continue to love the Brazilian waxing service? The area feels better during their workout at the gym, hot yoga, or their cycling class. Hair will grow back less and less over time. Feeling clean and hygienic is another top reason people love to get a Brazilian wax. The intimate area is simply more comfortable all the time and so smooth. With the aesthetically pleasing appearance, absence of red bumps, long lasting results, and no itchy stubble, it is no wonder men and women are booking their appointments by record numbers.


According to Transparency Market Research, the United States market for hair removal will increase by around $1.35 billion by the end of 2022.1 That is a lot of waxing and a lot of clients. With Brazilian waxing being one of the top requested services, providing the most comfortable Brazilian will secure a solid clientele and a long waiting list.


How can a professional provide the most comfortable Brazilian wax for clients that will keep them coming back? Breathe a sigh of relief by learning how to make a Brazilian waxing service easy – for both the client and the professional!



It is important to offer a consultation for any service offered. Making sure the client is on the same page and being able to clearly understand their expectations are essential. In the consultation, begin by explaining what the waxing service entails. Always confirm what service they intended to book the appointment for and explain what it means. Some clients are not clear by the different names of waxing services. Even within the aesthetics community there is controversy over the French, the Hollywood, and the Brazilian wax. Be sure to ask what exactly they wish to receive. A client thinking they are about to have a simple bikini wax, only to be shocked by being bare down there, is a lack of communication. Also, some may choose to leave a landing strip or a small patch versus removing all the hair. Consult the client before waxing.


Next, explain what will happen during the waxing service. Whether the client is a Brazilian waxing virgin or a veteran at waxing, they may be feeling nervous or anxious. Being naked in a bright room while hair is pulled out of their body is hardly a Zen experience. Calm their nerves. Offer calming tea while engaging in the consultation. Explain that the service will be quick, easy, and so worth it.


Explain the benefits of waxing: just like the gym, consistency pays off. And, with each appointment, the hair will regrow more sparse and baby fine. During the consultation, review the contraindications to waxing to make sure it is safe to move forward with the service. It is important to note that waxing during their premenstrual cycle may not be the most comfortable time to get waxed. Although not a contraindication, the skin is more sensitive and may be more painful. This may be something to discuss during the consultation. Making a Brazilian wax the most comfortable it can be includes being certain the client has no contraindications to waxing and it is the right time to receive the treatment.


The list of contraindications is extensive. Be sure to have them listed and have the client sign a release form to be safe. Some contraindications to receiving a Brazilian wax are listed below, but this list is not all-inclusive:

  • Accutane taken within the last year
  • antibiotics
  • blood thinners (including aspirin or ibuprofen)
  • chaffed skin
  • diabetes
  • eczema or psoriasis
  • ingrown hair products in the last 24 hours
  • moles
  • skin tags
  • sun exposure 24 hours prior to the appointment
  • varicose veins



Welcome the client into the treatment room. Leave the room briefly to allow for privacy while the client undresses from the waist down. Explain that a modesty towel has been placed on the waxing table to cover up. Return to the treatment room. It is time to prepare the skin for waxing. Always follow state laws, rules, and regulations when it comes to any waxing service. A clean, safe environment will be extremely comforting to the client. Always wear gloves and never double dip the spatula into the wax. Cleanse the area to be waxed using a product that has a low alcohol content. Next, apply one drop of oil with an aesthetic wipe – not powder or talc, which may be toxic. Oil will provide a barrier between the skin and the hair, making the wax much less painful and leaving the skin uncompromised. In addition, the hair will be more tightly encapsulated by the wax. This is ideal, eliminating the need to re-wax the same area. The least amount of wax applied and removed is best. Re-waxing the same area over and over is not a comfortable situation for the client.



There are many different waxes to choose from. In offering a Brazilian waxing service, the selection of wax chosen is essential for the client’s comfort. Although strip wax is convenient and especially great for large areas like legs or arms, a hard wax (or stripless wax) is a better choice. Hard wax adheres to the hair, not to the skin, making it a much more comfortable choice. The absence of stickiness after the waxing process is also ideal. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be sticky after a wax, especially after a Brazilian wax. A sticky intimate area is far from a comfortable experience. Next, choose a stripless wax that is also hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic wax is ideal for sensitive areas like the intimate area. Since the bikini area is very sensitive, choose a wax made for sensitive skin that will cause little or no irritation. Not all wax is created equally – choose the right wax for the right situation. A hypoallergenic, hard wax developed for sensitive skin is ideal for the most comfortable experience.



Aesthetic and cosmetology schools are where professionals learn the very basics. If a professional decides to expand their career, they will likely need to extend their education with advanced waxing classes for licensed professionals. Once they have mastered waxing on all areas of the body, it is then time to move on to Brazilian waxing. Taking a class specific to Brazilian waxing is key. It is a more advanced service requiring proficiency and refined skills. Body position plus good technique is key. To begin, the client’s knees are bent and the legs are dropped open like a butterfly (some people say frog). Most of the waxing is done in this position. Try starting from the outside working in, as to always have an area to pull the wax that is free of hair. Once all the hair is completely removed from the front, the client can flip over, lying flat on their stomach with their butt lifted slightly. There is no reason to have the client on all fours – this is not a comfortable situation for the client. For male intimate waxing, two words will simplify the key to comfort: tight skin. Keep the skin taut.


Use a systematic pattern when removing the hair. The waxing service will continue to become quicker and easier to perform. The goal is not to rush through a waxing service to make it a speedy service but to be precise and methodical, so that it will become quicker in an effortless and organic way. It may not be a comfortable Brazilian waxing service if the service requires awkward body positions and stretches that the client must hold for extended periods of time, all while naked and enduring some discomfort. An extra-long facial is a dream; an extra-long Brazilian wax is a nightmare that a client would likely not choose to do again. The goal is to book a Brazilian for a 15-minute time slot, which includes undressing and the wax service. A 30-minute timeslot may be beneficial when just starting out – any longer becomes very uncomfortable for the client.


When it comes to technique, remember to always remove the wax close to the body. The temperature of the wax should be only slightly above body temperature. It should not be hot. The intimate area is an area that can easily become bruised if the technique is off. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, removing the wax in the opposite direction. On the labia, try one strip going down and one going up. Ice packs do not need to be offered after waxing. If the client has so much discomfort that it interferes with her daily routine, something is not right. The area waxed should feel back to normal within 30 minutes or less. In rare circumstances, the client may experience very slight discomfort for up to 24 hours, but this is not normal. Bruising, swelling, or skin that has lifted is not desirable and not a comfortable experience. Providing a comfortable wax service does not only consist of what happens in the treatment room. By using the proper technique, the client will have a very comfortable post-waxing experience, as well. Poor technique can lead to broken hair, folliculitis, and ingrown hairs, which can be painful and uncomfortable.



One main point to offering a very comfortable Brazilian wax for the client is distraction. It is a skill to be able to highly focus on the waxing technique, while entertaining the guest. Use humor (keeping it professional) and conversation skills to make the time pass quickly. Remember, the client is not interested in listening to a recent breakup story or about weekend shenanigans and their mind may begin to wander, leaving them able to focus more on the discomfort. Keep the conversation upbeat and let them do the talking by engaging them in conversation. Also, breathe. Be sure the guest is breathing and not holding their breath. Inhale and exhale while removing the wax. This is a great distraction and also a pain reducing tactic.



Remember, atmosphere matters. The treatment room should be sterile. There is no better way to lose a client before the service has even begun than a space that is less than clean. The space should be welcoming and comforting, as well as attitude. It should be a no judgement zone. The music selection should be upbeat and neutral. Sure, it is very relaxing to enjoy a facial while zoning out to the sound of the ocean, rain, or whales, but receiving a Brazilian wax while listening to sounds of the rainforest will make the service feel like it is taking an eternity. With upbeat music and ongoing conversation, the waxing will be over quickly and the client will be shocked at how speedy and efficient the treatment was. Room temperature is also important. The ideal temperature of the waxing suite should be a bit chilly. Yes, the client will be undressing, so it may seem logical to keep it warm for their comfort; however, when the guest becomes anxious (and even the most seasoned Brazilian client will) their body temperature rises and they begin to sweat. Nothing is more uncomfortable than being hot while receiving a Brazilian wax – not to mention, the wax will set up quickly in a cooler environment and waxing on hot, sweaty skin may pose difficulties.



When the waxing service is complete, be sure to use a post-waxing gel to cool, refresh, and calm the area. Remind the client to avoid hot yoga, hot tubs, hot showers, sweaty workouts, sexy time, or sun exposure for 24 hours post-waxing. Send the client home with an exfoliating ingrown hair solution. Exfoliating is the key to at-home maintenance. A physical and chemical exfoliation at home is necessary to prevent ingrown hairs, keep the hair on the same cycle, and to keep the skin looking healthy and smooth.


By following these guidelines, professionals will be able to confidently offer clients a very comfortable waxing experience, developing clients, friendships, and financial security for life.



1 “Hair Removal Market to Gain a Value of US $1.35 Billion by the End of 2022 Globally:

Transparency Market Research.” Transparency Market Research. 2017.




Cali VanaelstCali Vanaelst is a practicing and licensed aesthetician and cosmetologist who began her career after graduating from Pivot Point in 1989. Experienced in many facets of the industry, including hair, nails, and skin care, waxing became her passion. Vanaelst has excelled in the industry as an aesthetician, salon consultant, and waxing educator and she is a published writer for national salon and spa publications. Working in only the best salon and spas in Chicago, Illinois, serving a high-profile clientele, she has been featured as one of the best in the industry and has been voted Best Waxer in Chicago. Currently, Vanaelst is the training director for Perron Rigot, Inc. and offers waxing education at the Perron Rigot, Inc. Training and Education Center.

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