Easy Steps to Keeping Waxing Accessories Clean

Written by Sheila Adriano, L.E., spa manager at Bella Trio Salon & Spa in Durham, NC

Waxing accessories are an investment. Skin care professionals want the best of the best in the industry and that means it will cost a little extra money. So, of course, a professional will want their waxing accessory purchases to last as long as they can.



Let’s start with the wax warmer – the most important waxing accessory. Most professionals are always trying to make it look shiny and brand new. Clients feel more at ease if an aesthetician’s wax warmer is spotless. Wax warmers heat gallons and gallons of wax, so how can they stay protected? Wax warmer collars are a must. They keep all that sticky wax from leaking into the warmer and all around it. Another good tip is to keep a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, goo gone, or an oil-based cleaner handy for when wax does spill outside of the wax collar onto the pot or inside the pot holder. Using one of these, it can easily be wiped right up. Be careful of which cleaner to choose; using chemicals or acidic cleaners on a wax warmer can damage the material and cause cracks or deterioration.



The wax cart is also pretty important as it holds everything. But, do not overdo it. Keep it clean and organized. Make sure to have drawers that hide gloves, strips, wooden applicators, spatulas, and tools. Sometimes, leaving supplies out in containers on the counters makes the room look aesthetically unpleasant. If the trolley starts bursting out, it may be time to get a bigger cart or to keep other inventory in the back room. Remember, less is more.



Keeping the wax table absolutely clean is a must. Disinfect after each client and, if wax spills happen, clean them up right away. To prevent damage to the table, use waxing paper rolls to protect the table or a clean new sheet or towel for each client.



What about other tools? Since tweezers and those little scissors are not disposable, keep them clean and sanitized. When they become dull, do not throw them away! Sharpen them with sandpaper or a nail file. That will help those precious expensive tools last just a little bit longer.


Choosing high-quality brands when buying waxing tools is a key factor to success. By keeping everything nice and clean, they will last a long time.

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