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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 12:04

The Reinvigorating Essence of Coconut Oil

Written by   Lira Clinical

It could certainly be argued that the coconut is the most versatile fruit on the planet, not only for material purposes, like using its husk as a piña colada container or to help Tom Hanks hammer a shelter together in Castaway, but also the extremely healthy and naturally beneficial ingredients of which it is comprised. The ingredients in coconuts can be utilized in numerous forms but, when it comes to beauty the most effective use is coconut oil. Coconut oil has many uses, including being used as a cooking oil, although, due to how rich in essential vitamins and nutrients coconut oil is, it has an amazing effect on the look and feel of your skin.

Coconut oil is not only antibacterial and antifungal, it is also an incredibly effective moisturizer that keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Many moisturizers contain a great deal of water which give your skin the initial feel of moisture before quickly drying out leaving your skin exposed. The difference with coconut oil is that it is rich in saturated fats which, when applied to the skin, eliminate moisture loss and keep your skin smooth for longer. Coconut oil also contains capric, caprylic, and lauric acid which help protect you from bacterial infections that can get into the body through cuts or even through pores in your skin.

There is a common misconception that coconut oil clogs pores and causes acne but that is simply not true. The truth is it depends on a number of factors, most notably what type of skin you have and what coconut oil product you are using. Although the chances of this are low, if you naturally have a complexion with slightly larger pores than you run an increased risk that raw coconut oil could contribute to clogged pores. The important distinction is that coconut oils are not enough of a comodegen (pore-blocking substance) to block pores completely but rather contribute to already blocked pores in susceptible people. But, the good news is that whether or not you have a skin-type prone to blocked pores you can still get all of the great benefits of coconut oil if you simply use a coconut oil-based product that contains lactic acid. Lactic acid actively clears blocked pores and can assist in dissolving black heads over time so it would counteract any chance of coconut oil adding to blocked pores. That means if you use a product like the new Lira Spa Brightening Cleanser that contains both coconut oil and lactic acid, you can get the best of both worlds and run zero risk of clogged pores!

The best part about coconut oil is that its not only an amazing moisturizer, it also contains vitamins and nutrients that actively aide healthy skin activity. The vitamin E that is contained in coconut oil is extremely effective at promoting healthy skin growth and keeping your skin safe from cracking or drying out. Vitamin E protects against the development of wrinkles and other signs of aging and it is an antioxidant so it also fights the negative effects of free-radicals. Additionally, coconut oil contains several proteins that aide in cell repair and overall skin health by encouraging the flow of new skin cells to damaged areas.

You’ve heard the hype behind coconut oil and all of the amazing skin benefits it yields but its one thing to read about it, its another thing to witness it first hand! With Lira Clinical’s new Lira Spa line you can harness the power of coconut oil along with a host of other incredible ingredients to give your skin the fresh and rejuvenated feeling of being pampered at the spa. Get the scoop on the breakthrough new products just released by Lira Clinical on today!

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