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Strengthening your skin's ability to retain moisture is the key to youthful looking skin. Understanding your skin's natural moisture level is understanding that it can fluctuate depending on your skin type and the kind of environmental exposures your skin is exposed to. The lipid layer of your skin is designed to keep moisture in and keep irritants out. When it comes to your skin, how hydrated or dehydrated your skin is and looks depends on holding on to that moisture as much as possible.

There's no doubt that the more hydrated your skin is, the more youthful it will look and the better it will feel. Certain ingredients in your skin care products are powerhouse moisture retention aids. If skin dehydration is an issue for you, or you want to help prevent the dehydration that can come with aging skin, look for these ingredients in your product choices:

Hyaluronic acid and green tea extracts in your cleanser will help to prevent dehydration.

PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum (comfrey stem cells) and phytic acid add deep cell hydration that plumps the cells, helping to make them look and act lifted and younger.
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and spin trap proteins help to prevent the water loss that is a side effect of natural aging.

For oily skin, sodium hyaluronate helps to bind water to the skin's cells. This ingredient in a moisturizing formulation is like giving oily skin a big drink of water, not oil. For people with excessively oily skin conditions that need the benefits of acne fighting ingredients as well as hydration a combination of pythic acid, grapefruit peel oil, and ascorbic acid combined in a serum will hydrate without feeling like you're adding oil on oil.

Rose hip seed oil is a powerful anti-aging tool. It quickly absorbs into the skin replenishing moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration.

Lactic acid is a naturally occurring humectant for the skin, helping to keep skin hydrated. As you can imagine, body lotion containing this ingredient creates a soft, smooth texture you'll love.

Shea butter increases cellular hydration and moisture retention.

A skin care regimen containing these key ingredients will very effectively boost the moisture levels in your skin. For a simple and quick fix, focus on layering a serum with a moisturizer to create beautifully nourished skin.

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