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Avoid Stress to Improve Skin

One of the most difficult way of improving skin condition is avoiding stress. Difficult because it is nearly impossible for people to avoid feeling stressed. Students for example have so many writing projects to do. They also have to study overnight to make sure that they will pass their exams.

However, avoiding stress, is actually a very effective way of improving your skin moisture, color, and overall beauty. Every time people feel stressed or tired, their skin don't get enough nutrients to replenish and develop. So the cells become unhealthy.

But how can you avoid stress? There are tricks, here are few of them:

Well-rounded Sleep: 7-8 hours of sleep everyday is very important. Even if you have so many projects to do, or essays to write, never forget about having a good sleep. It helps replenish the cells and rejuvenate your energy that will help you avoid stress.

Eat Nutritious Food: Vegetables, and fruits are very important to oxidize your skin. East many of these food, but do not forget about meat, protein and other staple nutrients that you need every day. Having the right amount of food will help you feel energetic despite all the problems you encounter in school, or work.

Manage Your Time: Always jot down the activities that you need to do. This will help you organize the things that you need to do, and just be proactive in working, or studying. Avoid procrastinating because it is a huge water of time. Instead of studying, you spend your time in useless activities like playing video games, or watching T.V.

Be Positive: Avoid thinking about negative things because it will make you more stressed out. Think about the things that makes you happy, and always remember that everything will be alright. Positive thinking also helps you avoid feeling stressed.

These are just few of the many tips that can help make your skin healthier and glowing despite all the work you do, essays you write, or stress your experience. See related articles at: noteachersallowed.com.

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    Great Salt Treatments

    Salt is a mineral that is composed primarily of sodium chloride. There are two main forms of salt: unrefined (sea salt) and refined (table salt); of the two, unrefined salt provides the highest benefits when used for aesthetic purposes.
    Bath salts are a great way to relieve many different kinds of health concerns, such as acne, arthritis, psoriasis, insect bites, female problems, tendonitis, water retention, stress relief, etcetera. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, noticed the benefits from 'salt' water after he noticed that fisherman were able to heal their hands by soaking them in seawater.

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  • Five Star Formulators’ Unstress
    Five Star Formulators’ Unstress

    Five Star Formulators’ Unstress Signature Treatment 

    Five Star Formulators

    The anti-aging skin treatment to fight all stressors. Christina Laboratory has combined with the world’s leading scientists to develop this unique and advanced facial treatment for the prevention of skin’s aging due to environmental and internal stressors. 

    >> STEP 1 – Gentle Cleansing Milk and Revitalizing Toner
    Massage Gentle Cleansing Milk into entire face and neck, rinse off with cool water. Gently wipe off all residue of cleaners from the face and neck, avoiding eye area, with cotton pads soaked in Revitalizing Toner.
    >> STEP 2 – Pro-Biotic Peel 
    Apply a thin uniform layer of the Pro-Biotic Peel to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for three to five minutes. This Peel gently exfoliates without irritation to increase the skin’s immune defense.
    >> STEP 3 – Frangipani Concentrate
    With a facial towel soaked in the frangipani solution; thoroughly remove the Pro-biotic Peel from your client's face. Steam may be used. Continue with extractions if needed. Do not discard the remaining Frangipani liquid, retain for further use during the Unstress treatment. The Frangipani solution soothes and calms stressed skin and creates a protective barrier.
    >> STEP 4 – Total Serenity Serum
    Gently massage Total Serenity Serum into the entire face, neck and décolleté with smooth, upward strokes. Do not remove before continuing to Step 6. This serum helps the skin maintain healthy hydration levels and skin tone. It also prevents and reduces irritation, inflammation, and itchiness.
    >> STEP 5- Relaxing Massage Cream and Multi-Vitamin Supplement 
    Massage Relaxing Massage Cream into your client's entire face, neck, and décolleté; frequently adding drops of the Multi-Vitamin Supplement into your palms. Both will help the client’s skin retain moisture and nourishment. 
    >> STEP 6 – Clarifying Mask 
    Brush an even coat of the Clarifying Mask onto the entire face, neck, and décolleté – avoiding the eye area. Do not massage. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with a cool compress soaked in the remaining Frangipani Concentrate. During this waiting period we recommend applying an eye compress soaked in the Total Serenity Serum from Step 4. The Clarifying Mask is rich in antioxidants to help the skin repel free radicals.
    >> STEP 7 – Optimal Hydration Mask
    Spread a moderate layer of the Optimal Hydration Mask into the entire face, neck, and décolleté. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes while the mask absorbs. Massage remaining traces into the skin, leaving a subtle glimmer effect. Do not remove. The mask improves hydration, elasticity, calms skin, and reduces redness.
    >> STEP 8 – Pro-Biotic Moisturizer SPF 12
    Complete the Unstress treatment by gently applying a thin uniform layer of Pro-Biotic Moisturizer directly on top of the Optimal Hydration Mask. By doing this it prevents collagen breakage and loss of elastin.  

    For more information please contact Five Star Formulators at 888-200-3977, www.5starformulators.com, CRR# 156

  • Dr. med. Christine Schrammek’s GREEN PEEL®
    Dr. med. Christine Schrammek’s GREEN PEEL®

    Dr. med. Christine Schrammek’s GREEN PEEL® Your Personal Skinnovation Signature Treatment

    Dr. med chrisitine schrammek

    Three ways to beautiful, healthy skin in harmony with nature; prevention to preserve beauty and good health. GREEN PEEL® offers effective solutions for healthy and natural skin fitness for every skin type and all age groups. GREEN PEEL®, a biological peeling method, is the original method developed by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio; medically inspired, dermatologically efficient with three treatment procedures for all application areas in the face and on the body at every age.

    >> STEP 1
    Before beginning a GREEN PEEL® treatment a thorough skin analysis and an intensive consultation session must be carried out. This provides the opportunity to explain the exact procedure, effects to the customer, and to
    discuss treatment goals and possibilities.

    >> STEP 2
    Depending on the skin needs and customer wishes the aesthetician decides whether a GREEN PEEL®
    CLASSIC, ENERGY, or FRESH UP treatment will be carried out.

    >> STEP 3
    The GREEN PEEL® herbs mixture, which consists of various herbs and algae, is applied to the skin area and massaged into the skin. Depending on the individual skin conditions, this treatment will cause a gentle peeling of the outer layer of the skin after two to three days.

    >> STEP 4
    The skin is covered with compress cloths and kept moist for approximately 20 minutes with drops of the GREEN PEEL® concentrate – water mixture.

    >> STEP 5
    Following the peeling treatment, apply a thin layer of the cream best suited for the skin type. Circulation of the skin is now increased noticeably, while metabolism, supply of oxygen, and nutrients are improved. The reaction of the skin will depend on its individual regeneration

    >> STEP 6
    After five days the skin should be completely peeled. The client should follow-up the peel with the beauty finish treatment. Here the new skin, which is particulary absorbent now, will be supplied with valuable ingredients which will vitalize the skin and give it a fresh appearance.

    For more information and training lessons please contact: www.schrammek.de/greenpeelusa.html or www.schrammek.de

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    Great Aromatherapy Treatments

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