A Too Honest Approach to Retail

Can you guess the number of articles on retail I found on the top three professional skin care websites?


I am amazed at this number. Not for the fact that it is so large, but for the fact that spas or salons with a successful retail strategy is so few. Let me be blunt and ask, WHAT THE #### ARE YOU ALL THINKING?!

Let’s break this down into three simple steps…

Step 1

Be smart. Do not be “fake smart.” Know your stuff through and through. If you cannot explain what the difference is between your product line and another…you lose. If you cannot explain the ingredients in your line…you lose. If you have not done research about what is available to your client via drug stores, infomercials, multi-level marketing companies or online stores…yes, you lose again.

My point: KNOW MORE THAN THEY DO and you will WIN!

Step 2

Do not let this be an afterthought. It is absolutely you and your staff’s responsibility to share all that you know about the products used with each and every client. If you wait until you have finished the service to begin, you will sound like you are trying to “make a sell.” Since you should be sending them home with the products they need, not products you are pushing, you can easily avoid this uncomfortable situation by starting the process with your consultation.

  • ·         Tell them what you are going to use.
  • ·         Tell them what you are using.
  • ·         Then, tell them what they will take home.

Step 3

Remember it is ALWAYS all about them. From the moment they walk into your spa to the moment they leave, the focus is every bit on them. That individual has a name and a specific reason (usually being an insecurity or concern) for coming to see you. They are not your “two o’clock on Tuesday.” She is Dian, relying on you to make her Tuesday better than it would have been without you. As my mother has always told me, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Be genuine. Be honest. Be dedicated to them.

If you read this post because you - like many others - would like to make more money, spend less time working with your back and want to increase client retention, then maybe you should heed this advice. Listen, then put these steps into practice consistently.

I will try not to lecture anymore. However; I want to see spa and salon practitioners thrive!

Cheers to successful retailing and spa business security!

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