What is GREEN Beauty?

Green Education: Many beauty enthusiast do not know the meaning of Green beauty. "Green" is now an industry term "buzz" word. Green, when used in a cosmetic sentence means, natural non-toxic it does not mean (organic). Cosmetics can be beautiful without the need of preservatives. Achieve high-end Runway looks and Skin with (Green beauty). Go here to see a huge list of products.

EYE on Beauty has private label cosmetics since 2008. Business is done on the web only. Cosmetics are paraben and cruelty free. Video demos are posted to help with application. EYE On BEAUTY is for all ages Men and Women. Many new products have been added to the Green and natural list. See Apparel, Jewelry and perfume oils. All handmade and Eco-friendly. Comes in beautifully wrapped package. Eye on beauty gives back to Breast Cancer Association and American Cancer Society, Autism Awareness, PETA

Our new Line  -  WHIPS & CHAINS

WHIPS  & CHAINS collection   Buy a piece of history - tell your story!  You hold the key to your own beauty.  Beauty unzipped without limitations!  Linked together with some stitch - no immitations!  WE are 4 REAL...Like the EYE IN THE SKY - watching and protecting.  Without hesitation, never underestimate the power....LIVE in YOUR BEAUTY!

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